“True Craft” is a Fitting Homage to the Greats

Marc 2Ray’s video for “True Craft” featuring MC Bravado and Allison Blanc is a slick visual which highlights the three performers’ ability to shine through their individuality. Directed by Shaquille Pariag and Ashley Littles, the opening of the video features a record store local to Marcand Allison, both of whom are out of DC, and later shifts to Bravado’s rooftop deck at his home in Baltimore. The combination of places near and dears to the performers follows the theme of the song which is about keeping true to your roots. The production by CPS L0ck is a modern feel to a timeless hip hop sound that Marc, Allison, and Bravado each get a chance to shine on, and engineer Calin Enache melds the synth and drum patterns to a soft, warm tone that is reflected perfectly by the subtle visual effects in the video.

Solidifying the purpose of the song as a tribute, Marc 2Ray discusses his affinity for hip hop growing up and his nostalgia for rappers that were more real with their audience, an issue with modern rap MC Bravado shares with him. talks about how he got here and where he’s going. Stream the single “True Craft” on Spotify and follow Marc 2Ray:




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