Here Are Some Tips To Identify When To Purchase Stocks

It can be tricky analyzing when to buy stocks. Timing, like in everything else in life, is of primary importance while making stock purchases. It is a fun as well as rewarding experience to find and buy the right stock. In future the right buys will ensure you reach your financial objective and grow your money lucratively. Here is how you will ensure the right timing to have a good chance of making money from the stocks.

Buy A Stock When It Goes On Sale

Lookout for a deal like you when you go birthday shopping or festive shopping. As the products of your favorite brand go low in prices during the annual sale, your chances of bagging them goes high. The same should be when you are targeting the purchase of a stock. Get excited as much when stocks go on sale. Do not follow the herd and instead back your research by a good purchase. Follow the opinion of some popular sites like

There is no need to avoid stocks when prices are low. Consider the time as an opportunity for you to invest and pick those stocks which were too pricey for you before the crash. Right now they are being served to you at beaten-down prices. Grab the offer if you understand the company will not leave the ground and will bounce back eventually. This will do you good in the long term. Historically the period after any correction or crash has been a fruitful time for investors to buy at bargain prices.

Buy A Stock When It Is Undervalued

When you understand a company’s future prospects for growth and profits you can determine the level of over- or undervaluation of its stock. Using the key valuation technique of discounted cash flow (DCF) analysis one can evaluate easily. The discounted cash flow (DCF) analysis uses the company’s future projected cash flows, then discounts them back to the present using a reasonable risk factor to give you a 

sum of the discounted future cash flows which is the theoretical price target. If the current price of the stock is below this calculated value then you can definitely make the purchase. 

Buy A Stock After Doing Complete Research 

One can read the financial newsletters and ask for expert opinions but rely on your own homework and research combined with common sense. Reading the company’s annual report can be part of your research. The recent news releases by the company can also add to the research. Check out the recent presentations by the company to the investors or at industry trade shows which are available online. This will give you great insight about the stocks of the company. 

Buy stocks like you buy your favorite shoes after good research and from your trustable brand. Talk to investors or experts to know about a company and its profit and loss sheets. Good research is of primary importance and will ensure the timing of your purchase is correct. Combined with common sense research and expert opinions will give you the most profitable results. 

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