9 Amazing Ways to Rank Your Ecommerce Store on Google’s 1st Page

Being an ecommerce business owner, you would love to have your site ranked on the first page of Google. But it is not that simple as it may sound. You have to dig deep down and figure out all technical aspects to channelize your SEO efforts in the right direction. 

The first page of Google captures a large chunk of web traffic, so getting your ecommerce store on the first page would automatically mean greater reach. It can subsequently result in increased sales. An online presence of your ecommerce store is a visual representation of your business, so maintaining it the right way can take your venture to the next level. 

However, the real challenge lies in how to optimize your online presence with modern and responsive ways that could lead your online store to reach its full potential. 

Here are 9 ways that could rank your Ecommerce store on the 1st page.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the integral parts to boost the ranking of your online store. You have to do in-depth keyword research that is relevant to your products. Irrelevant keywords will waste your efforts, so you have to target the right keywords. It will help you grab your target audience’s attention efficiently. 

For example, if your company is based in Houston, you should target the keyword SEO Company Houston. It will create awareness of your company among your audience in Houston. Similarly, if you want to improve the ranking of your products, then you have to target keywords of those products specifically.

Regular Blog Postings

Creating a long and informational blog is one of the best ways to rank the 1st page by using targeted keywords. Once done with this step, you can actively incorporate keywords by doing proper research to answer customer-related queries. 

Blogs prove beneficial not just for higher search ranking but also for capturing more website traffic in contrast with websites without content marketing since 70% of consumers learn about a brand through a blog post rather than corporate messaging. Having relevant and consistent blog content is essential for helping your audience understand your brand better.

Optimize Ecommerce blog for SEO

While working on optimizing the website, it is equally important to work towards optimized blog content. You can also create blog content in the form of a video. Studies show that, on average, web visitors tend to spend two times longer on pages with video. It means it’s a great way to engage the target audience and drive potential web traffic back to your website. 

Structured Ecommerce Site

Your ecommerce website structure plays a crucial role in improving SEO. If your website is structured and has content placed in an organized manner, it will automatically gain organic traffic. Even search engines prefer a good website structure while crawling. To make things more accessible for viewers, the most valuable content should be at the top of your site. The rest should flow from that top-level infrastructure.

Link Product and Category Pages

Another great way to improve the structure of the website is by internal linking. It will increase your chance of getting discovered and help Google better understand the design of your site, making it easier for visitors to find and share your contact and stay on your site for longer. Adding links to your product and category pages inside your posts also helps you capitalize on the SEO transaction you earn from your blog articles. It will ultimately help your product get a higher rank in the SERP for their related keywords.


It is already mentioned above how structure increases website traffic, but proper website navigation is essential for SEO. It is crucial to keep the navigation level of the website simple. Creating more levels will lead you to lose sales from poor navigation and bad user experience. Simplicity is the key here. It applies to both your products and your blog to have a structure that is user friendly.

Keep URLs Simple

Taking further the notion of simplicity in terms of levels on your site, it is also imperative not to have the complex nature of URLs and keep them simple. Making URLs readable with a glance is a successful way of getting the audience engaged. Another great tip is to add keywords to your URLs. It will significantly positively impact your ranking.

For example, if you want to work on the keyword “Digital Marketing Agency in Houston,” you should integrate it into the URL that will surely impact your marketing and SEO simultaneously and also will help you to achieve your desired results. 

Earn backlinks

Earning backlinks through authoritative content is a great way to get traffic from other social platforms. Interlinking sites will help gain more website traffic, and doing so through an influencer or authoritative figure will strengthen the presence of your online store. 

It is a tried and tested method for enhanced digital marketing Houston practices in the age of digitization. Backlinks create a foundation for any site on the web and have long been known as an important ranking signal in Google. You can establish your authority online through any influencer. It not only builds your credibility but also broadens your reach and creates better ROI.

Pay Attention to Website Speed

Website speed is a critical parameter of any site’s SEO. If your web pages are loading slow, it will be a hindrance to the quality user experience. Potential customers may even abandon your site before they even get a chance to see your products and services. Risking it won’t do you any good. Sites need to match up this fast-paced world to engage clients. Speed matters and plays an integral role in SEO, and you should start testing site speed to get optimum results. Get fast, test often, and stay fast.


It is evident in light of the points mentioned above that the SEO of your online store holds special significance. You have to work with the right approach to make your ecommerce store SEO-friendly and get rid of such elements that are putting obstacles in your SEO efforts. 

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