SINGLE REVIEW: Sweetie by Missing-nin

Compared to some of the hard-hitting bruisers he’s planning on dropping this year, the new single “Sweetie” from the mind of Missing-nin is rather relaxed. There’s no overstepping bassline nor a feeling like the percussion is about to come storming in over the vocal; instead, everything is even and arranged to give us a musical wallop as opposed to a hurricane of muddy sounds. This is the big leagues in hip-hop, and he’s a player who never wanted for anything but to make it in this genre without having to give up a stitch of your own identity. He’d prepared to go it alone, which shows you his real commitment to the music all on its own, without anyone else having to vouch. 


Rather than drowning us in backdrop decadence, I think it’s pretty obvious how much Missing-nin wants to keep the filler out of his music when listening to “Sweetie.” There’s not a spot of synthetic nonsense coming between artist and audience in this recording; contrarily, this rapper is pushing the limits of raw melodicism as much as he can in every verse, allowing for us to see that he can essentially sing much as he can rap. This isn’t your average solo artist, and if the versatility of this track in particular doesn’t get that point across, I don’t know what else in his discography (at this point) would. Straightforwardness matters, and there’s no getting around something like that in a song as gripping as this one happens to be. 

“Sweetie” has underlying angst that is never completely opened up or exploited to the extent that I would normally prefer, but this untapped emotional element definitely leaves its mark on the listeners just the same. Much like life, when something goes unresolved in this single there’s a sense of unfinished business that hangs over the duration of the track, and it winds up having an impact on how we interpret the lyrical narrative. Missing-nin is a methodical storyteller, but I don’t know that we would have ever known as much – nor have been able to appreciate it to the degree that we are in this single – were he not taking the more complicated route towards fame here. 

If this is just a sneak preview of what Missing-nin’s music is going to be producing on the regular through the rest of the year and beyond, you can sign me up for more. Hip-hop is definitely the biggest and most important genre within the pop music lexicon today, and while breaking into its elite class isn’t the easiest task in the world, this isn’t stopping the likes of Missing-nin from doing everything he can to get there in “Sweetie.” His efforts are reflective of how much he loves this music, but moreover, I think they’re demonstrative of his willingness to experiment and do whatever it takes to retain relevancy and influence over a cultural movement that isn’t going anyway anytime soon but instead growing larger and more dominant by the day. 

Jennifer Munoz

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