Peacock Inks Deal for Second Season of Series “We Are Lady Parts”

I’ll quickly admit that it took me quite some time to finally take in a viewing of the hit Peacock series We Are Lady Parts. I had what I thought was a very valid reason to not check it out, too: I felt the title of the series sort of sucked. Now notice I did not say that I had a well thought out reason for not viewing it, just that, in my narrow little mind, I truly felt the moniker of the series was grating and too precious. I’d feel the same, conversely, if the show had been given the title of We Are Men Parts (spinoff, anyone?). That’s just how I roll. At any rate, when I finally overcame my oddball aversion, I sat down and binge-watched the entire season and walked away very surprised in the most pleasant of ways. Here was a series that was well-written, directed and acted. I bring up this odd story to point out to potential viewers of the series that one must never strictly judge a book by its cover, especially since – according to our much more enlightened cousins across the street at The Hollywood Reporter – Peacock has granted a sophomore season to – GULP! – We Are Lady Parts. Sorry, still working out my phobia to that title. It takes time, Dear and Constant Reader, it takes time.

For those not in the know, We Are Lady Parts is about a punk band aptly named Lady Parts and its efforts to recruit a new lead guitarist in the form of a woman who is really just looking for a potential husband. The members of the band play into their potential recruit’s desires by promising her a date with the drummer’s hunky brother. Hijinks ensue.

Created by visionary powerhouse Nida Manzoor, We Are Lady Parts has become a critical darling for Peacock.

 “I feel so incredibly lucky and excited to have the opportunity to make a second series of We Are Lady Parts,” Manzoor enthused today in a press release. “I can’t wait to delve back into the world of the band and go deeper into their lives. Expect more hijinks, more music and more flights of fancy. SPARTA!”

Nominated for two prestigious Gotham Awards, We Are Lady Parts is truly one of the best new series currently going and well-worth your attention if you’ve not already checked into it! Just don’t get hung up on the show’s title the way I (foolishly) did, and all will be Jake!

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