Paracleanse: Home Remedies To Get Rid Of The Parasites

A parasite cleanse is an important step in the process of removing any infectious matter from your body, and can be set for as long or short periods depending on how many parasites you have.

It’s also possible that this will need to happen more than once if certain types are especially invasive but effective at sticking around after initial rounds of treatment with anti-parasitics like herbs/foods – so it all depends!

Some people have parasites in their bodies and they’re not sure if a natural remedy could help restore their health. Despite there being little research supporting use, some herbs and seeds may benefit them when taken internally.

Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Parasites

There are some studies that suggest certain herbs may have compounds which can be turned into plant-based drugs to treat parasites. Let’s have a look at some natural ingredients that will add your paracleanse process:

Papaya Seeds

You know when you eat, the parasites in your body also get fed. So it’s important to make sure that every meal is packed with anti-parasitic foods so they won’t be able feed off of hosts like us anymore. Papaya seeds can be very difficult for parasites to digest and even more so if they’re not in contact with any nutrients.

So adding a little bit of orange juice or some other fruit will help thin it out before drinking, making sure you drink this smoothie on an empty stomach.

Pumpkin Seeds

It’s a good idea to keep your body as clean and free from food parasites as possible. One way you can do this is by eating pumpkin seeds whenever the feeling of hunger hits, since they’re not very appetizing on their own without any other foods mixed in.

According to a study in 2015, a group of Kenyan school children were given porridge containing ground papaya seeds for six months. They also ate placebo meals with no added treatments and anti-parasite medication in them as well so their levels could be compared against each other over time to see if there was any change at all on how they felt with respect to the parasitic behavior.

The first group that ate porridge made from papaya seeds had 63.9% fewer roundworm eggs in their stool after the test, while another group who consumed medicated cereal experienced an even higher 78%. Nevertheless, people who ate untreated food led to more than average rates even with highest counts of parasites overall.


Berberine, a natural compound found in many different herbs and spices, can help protect against parasites. In one report from the Iranian Journal of Parasitology, scientists noted that people who consumed berberine-rich food were less likely to become infected with tapeworms than those without access or consumption patterns similar to theirs.

It’s no surprise that ancient remedies like berberine have been used for thousands of years. This natural remedy can be an effective treatment against gut infections, including parasites.


Wormwood is an ancient herb that has been used to treat parasites for centuries. It’s also quite potent, so you’ll want to stay away from it if your goal isn’t anti-parasite treatment. From its use in eliminating intestinal worms, to the fact that it’s commonly recommended as part of a parasite cleanse; Wormwood is an aromatic spice with many uses.

It is a natural herbal remedy that stimulates the production of stomach acid and bile to combat bothersome intestinal organisms. It also has properties for combating gastrointestinal complaints they cause, making it an excellent choice in any household.

A Well-Balanced Diet

Natural medicine practitioners may suggest individualized diets designed to treat gastrointestinal conditions brought on by bacterial infection. One of the most important parts about a parasite cleanse diet is ensuring you have enough B-12. This helps your body produce and secrete all sorts inside themselves so they can be eliminated.

The natural anti-inflammatory properties of garlic may help fight off bacteria in some people’s stomachs while carrots contain beta carotene, which promotes eye health. Sweet potatoes are a good choice when it comes to consuming more fiber for digestion and they taste great too.

Final Thoughts

Parasites can be a pain. They live in your body and cause discomfort, illness, and sometimes death. These home remedies should help you get rid of them for good so that they don’t come back to haunt you again anytime soon.

For more information on how to keep parasites at bay or what symptoms may indicate an infection, contact us today. We will be happy to provide any assistance with natural parasite prevention or treatment strategies.

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