Decathlon, A Place for All Your Sport Needs

Now you can experience and feel the entire range of Decathlon in India also. In India, Decathlon provides 70+ sports and over 5,000 products. You can check them all at the Decathlon mobile application! Pick from a collection of gear and equipment that’s designed to get you play-ready. Today, 40 Passion Brands are associated with believing the future of their sport with Decathlon.

What is decathlon?

Decathlon, the one-stop-shop for all your sports needs! Decathlon serves the pleasure and comfort of sports to everyone over the world by producing innovative and inexpensive priced sportswear and sports accessories and equipment for all. Decathlon is vertically combined, by designing, producing, and promoting its products. It also does marketing under its 20+ brands, with each sport and usually sub-sports including sports groups, who have their own brand. From past 40 years, Decathlon is presenting the best rates in the retail sports industry with offers, high-quality, sustainability, and cost-effective goods.

The reasons why decathlon is best and one go-to place for all your sports needs.

1. Undoubtedly accessible

Decathlon stores are open in virtually all parts of India which makes them undoubtedly very accessible. There are approximately 10 stores available only in Bangalore. From Whitefield to Mysore road. Now with Decathlon’s new store inside the ETA mall presents it all and makes it extra accessible. They give an online shopping platform as well. Hence you don’t have to travel to another edge of the town only to buy sports accessories and equipment anymore.

2. Excellent range of sports accessories and relatable products

Decathlon provides an extensive range of goods aimed at beginners and specialists in each and every sport. They also have an exclusive range available at their stores. It is not just a sports apparel store, it’s a store to buy sports equipment, clothes, and accessories as well. Their labeled teams promote professional, well-designed, and ingenious products, with a fabulous mix of colors constantly at the lowest and conceivable prices for all men, women, teens, and kids. The requirement is the beginning of modernization and they fit the bill in it. From golf kits to hair-towels for swimmers, their stores appear to have it all and under one roof!

3. They have everything for all shapes and sizes

Well! The most disappointing thing to most people as customers is that whenever they desire a selective product, they fail to get the exact size they want. But let me assure you, that this is not going to happen again with Decathlon clothing. Most of the brands provide clothing only up to the sizes of XL (extra large) But the size range available at decathlon apparel stores goes up to XXL and XXXL and the shoe sizes goes up to UK-12.5 to US-13 which leaves the customers remarkably satisfied.

4. Budget-friendly priced products

Decathlon is renowned for its excellent quality products, which are sold at remarkably inexpensive prices. They leave a great impression that such a large-scale brand is fairly inexpensive as well. The product cost range starts from just 150 rupees and more inferior, absolutely making it the store for everyone. When they are on their season clearance sales, they make us feel like a sports paradise on earth.

5. Greatly informed and helpful customer service

When you shop for sports and fitness equipment, exceptionally as a freshman, it is possible that you will be misinformed regarding the products and which product provides the best fit for your needs. This is the time when the greatly informed agents stand to the moment to check and clear every confusion you have about the product and what equipment suits you and what you need to look the best.

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Their support can surely make a great difference in your shopping as they always recommend keeping your biggest interests in their heart.

6. The Range:

Whatever sport you prefer, the famous ones like football, running, cycling or even if you’re seeming for something niches like fishing, archery or horse riding, they have got you covered from top to toe with the right equipment that fits perfectly fine and provides you each piece of equipment that you may need to practice.

7. Innovation by the heart

Innovation is at the heart of Decathlon. They “Innovate smart” because they want to make sports more prosperous for people who use their goods. Another thing which makes sports and camping easier is the roll-on net which promotes playing games like table tennis on all flat surfaces or even the Kipsta Cage which can set every ground into a football field. These are some of their innovation examples. Discover many products like this on the decathlon app.

8. Low Prices daily

They believe that the benefit and joy of sports should be for the many, not the few. That’s why all Decathlon products are designed by keeping in mind its affordability and convenience. Their obsession is to optimize values every day so we can offer you quality products at the lowest price.

9. Scan and Go is open in selective stores

For a steady, expeditious, and secure checkout process without any help at Decathlon stores, you can instantly use their App from anywhere, at any time. All you need to do is to scan a product you want to purchase or order, then pay for it by UPI, Netbanking, EMI, debit/credit card, and go away from the store without waiting at the checkout counter.

How Does the decathlon make the difference?

  1. Research and development
  2. Delivers high-quality and budget-friendly products
  3. State-of-the-art production methods
  4. Reduces the manufacturing costs
  5. Optimized supply connection
  6. Decreases retail prices
  7. Minimum retail footprint
  8. Lowers over and indirect costs

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