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INTERVIEW: Lasse Matthiessen

Hi Lasse, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Hej VENTS, thank you so much for having me.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Rome”?

“Rome” is about one certain a magical night. In the retrospective, that night unfolds like a kaleidoscope in different distorted images.

Maybe it took place in Rome maybe it didn’t. I am going to keep that to myself. But in the song it does take place there and I see exactly where in Rome. I see the square where the singer is sitting and the singer remembers the sounds of the coins in the empty fountain.

He still feels how he was finding his way down some random staircase and by coincidence stumbling into a rave in the old Roman catacombs. Dancing to the deep sub bass. And how suddenly there was no sound but he is kind of awakening. He was finding his way back to himself. Also finding the way back from the memories of that place, that evening.

I worked with the instrumentation and arrangement of the song to somehow obtain that surreal feeling of that evening. Of somehow still being part of that place.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

I guess there was. But I am not quite sure how that particular event actually unfolded anymore. It was an important moment in my life at that point and also one that contained something about falling in love. But what actually happened and if the memory of it is true – I guess that is the kaleidoscope question of the song.

Any plans to release a video for the single?

I have for write some time been working with the Danish visual artist with the artist name “SLØR”. We have done a visuals video for several songs that are also part of my live set up. For “Rome” there is also a visual video made quite analog with the use of a necklace that she moves in and out of the camera and combines the movements with different light settings and colors filters. I don’t think you’d guess how it was made if you just see the video…

How did the title of this song come about?

It came about quite far away from “Rome”. In Stockholm when I was working with the Swedish artist Jade Ell and we have been challenging each other about writing different kind of lyrics than we would tend to do. A part of the method is us trying to be very thorough in describing the place we see, the memories or images that we build the stories or the lyrics around. One of my images was “Rome”. A certain place in Rome.

How was the recording and writing process?

The song was pretty much written within one day in Stockholm. But in the editing process I tend to go back to every little detail of the song. Zooming in on every beat and in on every note I sing to make sure I am satisfied. It is a process driving people around me crazy sooner or later but until now it is the only one working for me.

What role does Copenhagen play in your music?

On the Coordinates Remain EP Copenhagen is not really playing a part directly. I guess I would be able to refer all my songs to taken place in specific places and one song “Colors” is taking place in in an apartment in Copenhagen. But that is not really a part of the lyrics. I just know it.

Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

I do tend to write about my own life. Not in a way that everything I write or sing about has happened to me. I take fragments of feelings or places I have been and put them together in lyrics. Sometimes when reading a book, I would steel a sentence that I particularly like. Or a conversation I hear in the tube. If I see a movie maybe in German or French and there’s a conversation that catches my ear, I would write it down and see how it sounds translated into English.

What else is happening next in Lasse Matthiessen’s world?

The next big thing happening is obviously the EP being released and after that I have bonus track in late December. I am also looking very much forward to my German release tour in January and February with 14 concerts all over Germany.

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