Types of online roulette

Being such an old casino game, over time several variations of online roulette have been developed. At the moment, the roulette game encountered in licensed online casino south Africa can be of 3 types, as follows.

  • European Roulette-is the most popular version, containing 37 numbers and a single zero.
  • American roulette – differs from the European version in that a double zero appears. Thus, besides the numbers from 1 to 36, on the game board you will notice ” 0 “and”00”. The chances of winning at this type of roulette are slightly lower due to the extra zero.
  • French roulette – you can realize that you are playing this version of roulette if the game table is red, unlike the green color found in the other variants. In comparison with European Roulette, in French roulette there are 2 rules that are to the advantage of the players, namely. La Partage (if you place a bet with 2 possible results, and the ball falls on the number 0, then half of the stake placed on that bet will be returned to you) and end Prison (if the number 0 is a winner, then the stake is “locked” for another round, which if winning will bring you a 1.1 payout).

I have to tell you that due to the two rules mentioned above, French roulette is the most profitable, in the case of this variant the casino advantage is only 1.35%. In contrast, in European Roulette advantage is 2.5%, and in American roulette 5.25%.

Even if roulette is undoubtedly a game of chance, there are still some methods by which you can increase your chances of winning, and here I refer to strategies for online roulette. Over time, a lot of gaming systems have been designed, all of them based in particular on the management of stakes, probably the most important thing in online casino games. If you are going to play roulette just for fun then you probably don’t care so much about these strategies. If you want to try to take advantage of this game then We recommend you to read below a short presentation of the most appreciated 3 roulette game systems on the internet.

It is based on placing bets at odds of 2.00 (even / odd, red / black, 1-18 / 19-36) and doubling the stake after each losing bet. Thus, the main advantage of The Martingale system, which makes it extremely well known, is that you ensure your profit with a single winning bet. Instead, however, you need a very consistent budget that allows you to cover as long a series of losing bets as possible.

The greater the series of losing bets, the more obviously the stakes will be higher and the risk assumed a consistent one, all for a very small profit at the end of the series. Compared to Martingale strategy this roulette game system requires a smaller budget, but also the fact that it places riskier bets, 3.00 odds must be taken into account. You also secure your profit with a single winning bet, regardless of previous results.

You must also know that the profit is not a fixed one, as with The Martingale strategy, but it varies depending on the moment you catch the winning bet. Within this strategy, the management of the stakes is done even more carefully, because the stake placed changes depending on the status of the last bet placed – winner or loser. After you win a bet you lower the stake, and after you lose one you increase it.

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