Carl’s Jr Candied Bacon Available At Select Restaurants

Carl’s Jr Candied Bacon gives a pleasant shake to the age old phrase, ‘everything’s better with bacon’. At selected restaurants the customers can enjoy this sweet and savory treat which in future might be available in other restaurants too.

Currently the restaurants are testing the item in selected locations to get real feedback from their loyal guests and the general guests as well arriving in the restaurants. The limited menu is generally introduced to get commentary on the new items and whether they can be made  regular at all the restaurants.

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Food lovers do travel a great distance to get the first taste of newly introduced items. Others end up cajoling the brand to make the saaid food available to everyone. Recently it was announced that Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr Candied Bacon is being made available at select restaurants in Bakersfield, California, Champaign-Springfield, Illinois and Dothan, Alabama with a variety of other menu items like Candied Bacon Angus Thickburger and Candied Bacon Biscuit with Fried Egg.

The main menu item introduced is the Candied Bacon Snack Pack which is currently a hot menu item wherever it is being introduced. The brand Carl’s Jr is also offering Tender Bites at select locations in Paducah, Kentucky, Knoxville, Tennessee, Sacramento, California, Tucson, Arizona and Palm Springs, California. The Tender Bites like the customer favorite Hand-Breaded Chicken is flavourful though smaller in size. 

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