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Understand why it is necessary to sanitize upholstery

One of the best sensations in life is being able to lie down on a clean, sweet-smelling bed or sofa and rest peacefully, isn’t it? And cleaning upholstery often can be more important than you think, you know?

In this article, we’ll explain why it’s so important to keep upholstery clean at all times. Look that!

Decrease in allergies

All upholstery are suitable places for the development and allocation of unwanted microorganisms, such as mites, fungi and bacteria. Their proliferation is responsible for causing and aggravating various respiratory problems and allergies, such as rhinitis, sinusitis and asthma. Furthermore, in humid environments this becomes even more serious, as these organisms grow much faster.

Odor removal

Both in chairs and sofas, fabric fibers tend to absorb odors from the environment more easily. When being exposed for a long time in the house without proper cleaning, the increase of unwanted smells can happen, leaving an unpleasant environment for both those who live in the place and for visitors. If you face difficulties in cleaning your carpets, you can hire Carpet Cleaning Beckenham.

Fabric renewal

You may have noticed that with the accumulation of dust and a long time of use without proper cleaning, some fabrics lose their original color and end up becoming opaque. Depending on the way you sanitize upholstery, it is possible that the ones in your house will not come back with the original color.

Another downside of not doing the cleaning properly for a long time is that the fabric fibers can also become stiffer, decreasing comfort. Therefore, knowing how to clean fabric sofa, for example, can ensure greater comfort for you, your family and your visitors.

How to clean at home

Now that you know why cleaning upholstery is important, let’s teach you how to do it at home, simply, to preserve the beauty and life of your furniture. Check out:


Even though it is a common task for the whole house, vacuuming makes all the difference, when done well, in fabric furniture. With it, it is possible to remove the accumulation of dust and crumbs that can penetrate the fibers and damage the entire material. To do it correctly, you can follow these steps:

– Sanitize upholstery correctly

-Start at the ends of the upholstery and follow the direction of the fibers;

– Then, vacuum in the opposite direction;

– After cleaning the ends, keep cleaning until you reach the center until all the furniture has been sanitized.

Pretty simple, isn’t it? But, remember: try to vacuum slowly, avoiding sudden movements so as not to damage or spread the dirt. Also, be sure to clean any part, not even one that might be leaning against the wall. After all, when you decide to move the furniture around, you want it to look good all over, right?

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