Hit Danish Movie “Riders of Justice” Set for Remake from Shawn Levy, Lionsgate

Everyone behind the 2020 Danish flick Riders of Justice knew they were onto something special when the action-comedy (directed and written by wunderkind Anders Thomas Jensen) about a grieving husband who suspects foul play in the train accident that took his wife’s life took the film world by storm. Although sounding more tragic than comic, Riders of Justice pulled off a deft high-wire act by successfully straddling genres and sticking the landing on each blessed one of ‘em, no easy feat as other talented auteurs will attest. Of course, Hollywood being, well, Hollywood, a remake of this very recent and awesome film has just been announced as forthcoming this very day from our George Sluizer-The Vanishing aficionados at The Hollywood Reporter.

And speaking of aforementioned George Sluizer – who, in 1993, directed the Hollywood remake of his own infinitely superior 1988 eerie masterpiece Spoorloos (known far and wide as The Vanishing) – the director of the original Riders of Justice, Anders Thomas Jensen, will take a page out of the late Dutch master’s playbook by directing the upcoming Lionsgate and 21 Laps production of his critically lauded film.

“There are few films that balance the action, emotion and dark humor that Anders did so successfully in Riders of Justice,” said Lionsgate President of Production Erin Westerman. “We’re confident that the movie will translate perfectly to English-language audiences as well.”

Those trio of mensch’s from production house 21 Laps – Shawn Levy, Dan Levine and Dan Cohen – fresh off of the rousing success of the recent hit movie Free Guy (which Levy directed), will be the gremlins producing this remake. Also joining the party is Nikolaj Arcel who co-wrote the original film with Jensen and who will be co-penning the new version.

Remakes of really good foreign films are a tough nut to crack when it comes to translating them for English-speaking audiences and the burden of this task is sometimes ill-advised (i.e. see above-mentioned Sluizer reference). Here’s hoping that this is one really big exception to the rule!

No word on a production start date, let alone casting and a release date for Riders of Justice. Keep those eyes and ears peeled to Vents for any further updates on this film. And in the meantime: Track down a viewer copy of the original flick while waiting for the remake. You might be pleasantly surprised!

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