South African music sensation DJ Rishi Love’s latest track will have you dancing to its beats in no time!

There are many people who aren’t just enjoying consuming songs, but are looking to create their own unique version. An example of this is DJ Rishi Love hailing from South Africa who specializes in deep house music.

A lot of people believe that music can be a sacred language of thoughts and expression. For many, they use it as a way to escape. For others it’s an integral part of living. There are many who aren’t content listening to music, but are looking to make their own music, one example is Rishi Love who is a DJ hailing from South Africa who specializes in deep house music, The only South African Female producer to be remixed with JT Donaldson.

Born and raised from South Africa, DJ Rishi Love was attracted by the constantly changing music scene around her at an early age. She has a degree in law and business, but she recognized the music industry was her primary purpose in life. This started when she discovered herself dancing and was captivated by a variety of music genres.

The music that struck a chord with her musical tastes was the contemporary music genre called deep house. After searching the web for underground musicians and music from different genres, she got her first experience in the middle of turning the tables.

She later purchased her own DJ setup and it was off to the races and she soon honed her abilities as a producer, and has a profound affection with underground and underground sounds. She does not just make her own music, she’s an avid blogger within the music world. She also curated playlists.

If all this weren’t enough for you, Rishi Love is not only a DJ & Producer, she’s a Designer as well. In relation to this she tells us, “I founded and co-own a streetwear label called RAION and I recently opened up a clothing store called “SPRMRKT” in the heart of Cape Town, South Africa”

In discussing her plans for the future, Rishi adds, “My aspiration is to have an original track that I’ve written released by Defected records and the traditional record company.” She composes her music entirely from scratch and enjoys creating contemporary soundscapes using vintage instruments and synths.

DJ Rishi Love has recently released a track titled “Out of control”. The next track she releases is the track “Groove is what I feel” that is scheduled to be out on Turnleft Recordings on 19th of November. Talking more about this upcoming release, she said, “My next track, “Groove is what I feel”, was inspired by love. Love for music as well as pure love in general”. She added, “When you hear a good tune, you have this natural groove that starts within you. You can’t help but groove, the same goes for love. It’s uncontrollable. I have found that your environment makes a huge difference when producing, I have found myself facing the ocean while producing lately. The ocean sounds, the smells, the beautiful waves that crash into each other, I find this very inspiring…”. Other than that, DJ Rishi Love is looking forward to numerous more collaborations and projects with some of the top DJs in the world.

You can reach out to her through her Official Instagram Handle

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