Sequel on the Way for Lifetime Version of “The Bad Seed”

For all of the classiness of the 1956 horror thriller The Bad Seed, it feels like one of those films that just won’t go away, kind of like that late at night party guest that can’t take a hint that the evening’s festivities are long over. Don’t get me wrong – you’ll be hard-pressed to find a bigger fan of director Mervyn LeRoy’s original take on a little girl with a really bad dark side. It’s just that over the years – whether in the 1985 TV remake or the scores of iterations that adorn the video shelves such as The Good Son, Poison Ivy, Orphan or The Omen – it’s felt a bit like a tired trope that we’ve seen over and over again, a sort of argument against childbearing, if you will. Ad infinitum never felt quite so burdensome when it comes to The Bad Seed, in my none too humble of an opinion.

 In 2018, Lifetime – that bastion of quality and star power – produced a remake of The Bad Seed that set well enough with audiences to apparently warrant an honest-to-Pete sequel to the film, the first official sequel this film has ever garnered (though there have been one or two so-called “unofficial” sequels within The Bad Seed canon), our shaken but never stirred muchachos over at Bloody Disgusting reports.

 The new film – which was co-written by the first outing’s Mckeena Grace who returns as the titular Bad Seed – is described thusly by its synopsis: “15-year-old Emma, a seemingly typical teenaged girl who is anything but that. Set several years after the murderous events of the first movie, which left her father dead, Emma is now living with her aunt Angela and navigating high school. Angela’s husband begins to suspect that Emma may not be as innocent as she appears and suggests sending her off to boarding school. Meanwhile, a new girl at school seems to know Emma’s secrets, leaving Emma no choice but to slip back to her old ways and take care of her enemies by any means necessary.”

Louise Archambault is taking over the directing reins from Rob Lowe (who also acted in the remake) for this sequel and really, what else do you really need to know? Lifetime is cheesy fun, as was their remake of The Bad Seed. So get the party favors ready for The Bad Seed II which is set to premiere on Lifetime in 2022!

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