Ranking Every Episode Of Season 8 Of ‘Seinfeld’

The seventh season of Seinfeld? It was great. Ranking that season episode by episode made me feel confident it will end up being my top season of the show. Now, I’m also pretty sure Larry David left the show after season seven, and that the show got a little sillier while he was gone. What does that mean for season eight? Silly isn’t necessarily bad. It’s time for me to take a look at the eighth season of the iconic sitcom so that I can rank all the episodes.

22. “The Money”

21. “The Pothole”

20. “The Nap”

19. “The Little Jerry”

18. “The Foundation”

17. “The Van Buren Boys”

16. “The Fatigues”

15. “The Comeback”

14. “The Little Kicks”

13. “The Soul Mate”

12. “The Summer of George”

11. “The Andrea Doria”

10. “The Checks”

9. “The Abstinence”

8. “The Yada Yada”

7. “The Millennium”

6. “The English Patient”

5. “The Susie”

4. “The Package”

3. “The Chicken Roaster”

2. “The Bizarro Jerry”

1. “The Muffin Tops”

Indeed, this season did not have David working on it. I looked it up after I did my rankings. However, to me, the show didn’t lose much. Is it sillier? Oh yeah. This is a truly silly season of television. And yet, it works. In fact, this may be the second-best season of the show, at least of the ones I ranked thus far. At worst, it is the third best. I really enjoy so many of these episodes. Every one of them is good. A few of them are particularly good.

Look, even looking at my top five I know there is some silly stuff in there. In fact, my top three are perhaps among the silliest episodes the show ever did. In “The Chicken Roaster” Jerry and Kramer change apartments and take on each other’s personalities. That wasn’t happening in early seasons. Even so, I still laugh a ton. There’s not a skip in this season, and a few episodes I would be excited to watch.

This is no knock on Larry David, but it turns out Seinfeld didn’t lose much when he left. Well, at least for one season.

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