How to type faster on the keyboard

There are no hidden tips and tricks to becoming a faster typist. While this may disappoint you, the downside is that anyone, with time and practice, can learn to type quickly on the keyboard. Once you are able to type without staring at the keys, you will see that your speed will steadily increase. It’s not complicated at all, but you need to maintain good posture and know what the correct finger position is on the keyboard. With practice and perseverance, you will become a good typist with respectable speed. Learn how to type fast? Read the entire article carefully;

Correct Body Position

Organize a good workspace suitable for word processing. You should find and set up a well-lit and ventilated area. Basically, you should be typing with your computer on your desk and not on your lap. Being comfortable is essential when working for long periods. Make sure all of these details are correct before continuing.

Adjust your posture. The right one is seated, with her back straight and her feet flat on the ground, as wide as the shoulders. The wrists should be level with the keyboard so that the fingers “fall” onto the keys naturally. You should also tilt your head slightly down to look at the monitor; your eyes should be 45-70cm from the screen.

Most office chairs are adjustable. Change the settings several times until you find the perfect height.

Don’t sit like a shapeless sack. Avoid sliding forward as you work. Maintain the correct posture and body position to avoid wrist pain which, in turn, will slow down your writing speed and break the rhythm. Don’t hunch your shoulders and back, try to stay straight but relaxed.

Correct Position of the Fingers

Study the keyboard. Most keyboards have the same letter arrangement and are referred to as “QWERTY” (from the sequence of the first six letters in the upper left). Many models also have various keys with different functions.

Most of the keys are used to type the corresponding letter and display it in the text area of ​​the screen. Open a word processor and try to press the various keys to see what happens.

Practice memorizing the position of the letters and the position of the keys with the most used punctuation symbols. You have to know where they are without constantly looking for them on the keyboard if you want to become a quick typist.

Do you know that a daily just 5 minutes typing test can help you make your typing fast?  To type quickly, your hands and fingers must assume a certain posture and you must return them to their starting position when they are at rest. In short, the hands should be slightly arched at the wrists, while the fingers rest gently on the “starting line” of the keyboard. The initial or resting position of the fingers is as follows:

·         Left index finger on F

·         Middle left on D.

·         Left ring road on S

·         Left little finger on the A

·         Right index finger on J

·         Middle right on K

·         Right ring finger on L

·         Right, little finger on the colon/semicolon key

·         Left and right thumbs on the space bar

Close your eyes and say the names of the keys as you press them. This is a good way to learn their position without looking at them. Keep your eyes on the monitor and say the letter that corresponds to the key as you press it. This technique allows you to quickly memorize the positions. Keep doing this until you feel that you no longer need to say the letters.

Learn the Basics of Typing

Measure your initial writing speed. There are many ways to evaluate this figure, which is usually expressed in w / m (words per minute). The best thing to do is to write in a search engine the phrase “calculate the writing speed” and click on one of the first tests that are proposed to you. By doing this you will know your starting level.

Initial data helps you track your progress over time.

Sometimes you may find the speed expressed in WPM (in English, “words per minute”), but the substance does not change. Remember that it is best to measure speed for a certain period. If you have not typed on a computer for a long time, the result will be quite low, even if you are a good typist; conversely, you can get good speed if you’ve been using the keyboard for a while. For this reason, always use the same test when you want to track progress for further .

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