A “Predator” Prequel Is On the Way Summer of 2022, Set to Premiere On Hulu

Back in 1987, one wonders if director John McTiernan (of Die Hard fame) and actors Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers and Jesse “The Body” Ventura had any inkling that Predator, their little action and science fiction film about a group of covert combat vets who stumble upon something otherworldly and very not friendly, would go on to become the cottage industry it has. Nearly thirty-five years later and six films deep into the bloody franchise, this is one Hollywood blockbuster series that keeps chugging along. Simply put, the film series has a strong fan base that, through thick and through thin, keep coming back for more. Now, according to our Alien vs. Predator commandos over at The Hollywood Reporter, the Predator franchise is poised to roar back to life in the most unexpected of ways…

 In a page ripped out of the Peacock/Halloween Kills playbook, streaming platform Hulu has signed aboard as the official home of the next Predator sequel which is set to premiere on the service during the summer of 2022.

 Set to be directed by 10 Cloverfield Lane director Dan Trachtenberg, this new entry in the Predator franchise is keeping its latest storyline very much under wraps. What we do know is this: Entitled Predator: Prey, the film serves as a prequel to the previous entries in the film series. It ostensibly is set a cool three hundred years in the past on the land of the Comanche Nation (got to make it somewhat topical before the bloodletting begins, right?). The story is said to follow an uber-skilled warrior going by the moniker of Naru (essayed by talented actress Amber Midthunder from The Ice Road and 14 Cameras) who sets about defending her tribe as, in best Friday the 13th style, the Predator begins to hunt each and every member of the group. Don’t expect any song and dance numbers in this particular flick, Dear and Constant Reader.

 News of the film and its exclusive release on Hulu comes on Disney+ Day; The House That Uncle Walt Built owns a piece of Hulu and as part of their reveal today of upcoming titles, Predator: Prey got thrown into the mix. The intriguing part of this news is that the film joins a growing list of genre flicks such as Halloween Kills and Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin which have either released exclusively on streaming (such as with Paranormal’s Paramount+ release) or done a simultaneous theatrical and streaming release (looking at you here Halloween Kills and Peacock).

 Keep your eyes peeled to Vents for any and all updates on Predator: Prey!

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