Latest Interview with Justin Caruso Allan

Latest Interview with Justin Caruso Allan

Hi, Justin. Welcome to Ventsmagazine.  

How are you doing? Doing Great Thank you! 

1. You have twin sisters that also are actresses. Did  watching them work give you the acting bug? 

Not exactly, I kind of fell into acting because I was going to auditions with them anyways. One day I was asked to  audition after they had left the room and I said ok then I  booked the job! I would say now that I have done a few  things, I definitely admire them and I am inspired by them.  I would love to work on a project with all of us together. 

 2. What was it like filming “Feel the Beat”? 

It was filmed in Toronto which was really cool. The hardest part was I couldn’t be with my family most of the time.  When I was filming I got to dance a lot, which I love to do. I was taught by Mia Michaels who is so incredibly talented. I made such good friendships with the other members  of the cast. I got more and more comfortable “being Dicky”.  My dad played by Dennis Andres really championed me  and had so much fun with him. Sofia was always very  loving to me and never made me feel like I was the odd  kid out, being the only boy. (I’d like to think I was her  pretend boyfriend for that time LOL) The rest of the cast  was so talented and fun. I mostly worked with “The Littles”  Carina Battrick and Kai Zen (June). Working on the stunts 

for the big star lift with Kai was hilarious. I’m not going to  lie, preparing for the back flip was awesome too! All together having  Elissa Downs as the Director and Susan Cartsons & Cle`ment Baur from Resonate Entertainment really brought us together and created a family. 

 3. What was your favorite moment during filming the  movie?  

Selfishly the “Dicky Dance” and the back flip were exciting  to practice and bring to life. The set up and inclusion made  me really proud of the hard work and how it turned out.  Next would be the “Star Lift ”. It was so cool having the  “norm” being flipped on its head as it was a surprise having June lift me in an empowering moment and show of humble teamwork.  

 4. How did you come up with your famous “Dicky  Dance”?  

I can’t take ANY credit for the “Dicky Dance”. The dance was  choreographed by the extremely talented Mia Michaels. Hailee Payn  also spent a lot of time instructing us, she is also very amazing. It was  as much fun filming it as it looked on screen. Believe it or not , the  dance was filmed close to the end of wrapping the movie. I had a lot of  time to practice, get excited and look forward to performing it. Kai  (June), Carina (Michelle) and I were good friends and we learned it  together. There were definitely some moments of us goofing off, being silly,  laughing and making it fun. 

5. You were also on the TV show “Man with a Plan” starring Matt LeBlanc. Was  that a fun set? 

On “Man With A Plan” I played young Teddy, there was a flashback  where I had to run around a couch spraying my sister with silly  string then ultimately covering Matt LeBlanc with the silly string  in defiance. How can that not be fun lol! The problem was, in rehearsal my hands were too small and I couldn’t press the nozzle down on the silly string bottle. I got really nervous they would pull the scene or not be happy with choosing me. Luckily they ran to a paint store and bought a squirt gun style squeeze handle that made it so much easier. I ended up having a blast getting to spray Matt LeBlanc head to toe with silly string. I couldn’t wait to see it on the screen. 

 6. What is it you like most about being an actor?  

There is always something really cool to experience. I feel like I learn so many things I would have never thought about. Seeing the finished product is something I look forward to.

 7. Do you have any future projects you can talk about? 

 I don’t have anything coming up right now, but I am working on some script ideas for a project with my sisters.

 8. Where can people connect with you?  

I have an Instagram : justincarusoallan 

Twitter : @justincarusoallan 

Thanks for having me. Take care.

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