Internet Marketing Under a Screen Name Or Fake Name

Would it be dishonest to give someone a business card that has a fake name? Would you trust someone to do business with them if you knew they were doing this? You would, but what are they hiding? But, Internet Marketing is all the rage, so everyone does it. But it’s wrong to generate fake name.

People, as you can see, I don’t mind using pen names, and certainly not with fiction. It is only when it comes down to “Selling and Steering” Internet users towards websites that sell something. All this trickery? People are quick to flame other people on forums, blogs, and comments boards, which is part of the problem with the internet. Fake identities.

The idea of not using your real names is problematic. This issue is also characterized by a generational divide. This issue is viewed as unethical by the Baby Boomers, while it’s not for millennials. However, this does not mean that it’s right. It’s fundamentally wrong, unethical, and deceitful. It is obvious that people are hiding for whatever reason to used fake address generator.

But they can use fake names to pretend they are experts in their field. A fake person isn’t an expert, it’s just a screen name or avatar. Although the mask may be real, it is fake. However, by putting this into an article, you are saying that “this is a real person and a real expert, click here”. I don’t see how anyone would condone dishonesty.

It is misleading to claim that someone is someone they aren’t. If they use it for marketing purposes, they are engaging false and misleading marketing, buzz-marketing under false identities, or any other online trickery. This whole issue is very problematic to me.

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