Improving Survey Response Rates

In today’s world, where brands have entered people’s lives via the internet, people receive thousands of brand communications every day. Your survey is likely to be one of them. So how do you break through the clutter and get them to not just pay attention to but also complete your survey? Many research businesses are experiencing a drop in survey response rates, including market researchers, public opinion polling, corporate researchers, and others. The integrity of the research outcomes is dependent on response rates. Low response rates can skew the statistical validity of the data collected and jeopardise the study as a whole.

Personalization is key

Personalization has been shown to increase survey response rates. If you’re sending out an email invitation to participate in your survey, make sure to include their initial name in the subject line and the email’s introductory paragraph. Once you’ve gotten their attention, keep it with a well-written email text! Explain why you want them to take the survey and how long it will take before you get to the questions. Make it clear that you respect their comments, and explain how it will affect your product roadmap or services, the information you give them, and so on. Give them an estimate of how long it will take them to complete your survey out of respect for their time.

Offer Incentives

When you send out surveys to e your consumers you’re asking them to invest their time and effort so that you receive useful information. Anyone would naturally ask – What’s in it for me? Thus, organizations must consider giving respondents something in return. Incentives are really effective. They can be discount coupons, gift cards, lucky draws and many more. Yes, there are benefits and drawbacks to survey incentives. People may rush through the survey in a hurry just to get to the reward, decreasing the quality of responses in the process. But, according to a study, 94 percent of participants who stated they complete surveys because they want a prize still give honest answers very or very regularly.

However , the incentives or rewards that are being given should also be thought about.Simply ensure that your offer will appeal to everyone in the market segment you’re targeting. For example, an Amazon gift card is likely to appeal to a larger number of people than Tickets to some play or performance.

Various enterprise survey software have the option of integrating rewards into the surveys.

Keep it short and simple

The lower the number of fields in a form, the greater the survey response rate. Your survey should be more than simply a few questions long. It also needs to ask the correct questions so that clients can complete it quickly. Some types of questions are simple to answer, while others are more complicated. Customers will give up if you ask them too many challenging inquiries. Thus an effort must be made to keep the survey as concise and to the point as possible. One crucial thing must be kept in mind while reducing its length – the quality of the survey must not be compromised.

Make Visually Appealing Surveys

Although it may seem self-evident, many survey programmers overlook the importance of making their survey visually appealing. In short, the survey’s visual layout has a significant impact on the respondent experience.

Changing colours and adding logos to fit branding, including multimedia assets like photographs and video, and using dynamic backgrounds to make the survey pop are all fast ways to improve the survey’s aesthetics.

Using an image area evaluator is a more advanced visual method for engaging survey questions. This can be used for a variety of questions, but it’s best for analysing concepts that are difficult to express in words, such as selecting a seat on an airline flight.

Because this form of interactive question isn’t very frequent, respondents will be pleasantly pleased and more inclined to answer if they see it.

In reality, picture area evaluators can be used for both positive and negative selections, allowing one inquiry to extract two types of data at once.

Use functions to the fullest

Some online survey software allow you to include design elements that show how far you’ve progressed. People feel progressed when they see a dynamic progress metre or a percentage of finished survey items. You can also use skipping and branching so that irrelevant questions are automatically skipped.

The ‘Skip logic’ function allows you to display questions based on the responses of the respondents. As a result, irrelevant queries are skipped automatically. For instance, you should only question a consumer about a function you offer after they have purchased or used it.

Use questions that need the least amount of interaction.

Because they take a lot of effort from the respondents, open-ended inquiries are everyone’s least favoured sort. So, wherever possible, avoid having them type the responses. To reduce the amount of interaction required, use checkboxes, dropdown menus, and radio buttons.

Launch surveys in multiple channels

Convenience is the most important thing when it comes to respondents. Some like the online medium while some find it comfortable answering questions over the phone. The demographic must also be taken into consideration. For example, if it is a survey regarding youth, it will be beneficial to launch it online as most of the teenagers are online. However, if it is a survey regarding middle aged people, it will be beneficial to launch a telephonic survey using CATI Software. It will also help if the surveys are placed organically. Consider sharing the surveys on social media or embedding it into relevant marketing pages. When a consumer completes a task on your website, they are more inclined to leave feedback because they feel good about themselves and, more importantly, about your company. Naturally, you don’t want to show pop-up surveys to your consumer when they’re in the middle of the checkout process. That’s a pointless diversion that could cost you a transaction.You may even use SMS to submit surveys. Thus, utilising multiple channels will ensure maximum responses.

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