HBO Max Fan-Favorite Series “Search Party” Set to Conclude with Season 5

In the annals of history, the number five represents many things: Curiosity, adventure and the prognostication of the future are but a few items on the checklist for that special number. If the latter holds true – seeing into the murky depths of What Is To Come – then one wonders if the producers behind the HBO Max hit show Search Party had an advance heads-up on today’s announcement (as revealed by our Nostradamus-gazing pals over at The Hollywood Reporter) that their storyline would be coming to an end at the conclusion of their fifth season?

 For those that might have been late to the Search Party (Waka-Waka!), the comedy-mystery series created by Sarah-Violet Bliss, Charles Rogers and Michael Showalter and featuring actress Alia Shawkat (Arrested Development, The Final Girls) is about a group of friends in NYC who become enmeshed in the search for a missing woman and the fallout that comes about as a result of their sleuthing. Every season has seen the series slightly reinvent itself, ricocheting from dark comedy to mystery to legal drama and to psychological thriller; quite the grab bag that, wot?

Today, HBO Max made it official that Search Party would conclude its story by the end of season five, which is set to drop in January with ten final episodes.

 This multi-genre series has chugged along since 2016 when it began life for its first two seasons over on TBS before taking a Time Out, regrouping and landing in the green pastures of streaming giant HBO Max in the summer of 2020, right after the platform launched. The penultimate season – that would be season four for anyone keeping score – premiered throughout the course of a two week period last January.

 Weep not for the vaunted creators and showrunners of Search Party, however: HBO Max dulled the pain of concluding the critically praised series by signing aforementioned captains of this particular ship to a two-year overall deal where they will focus their creative Zen on developing new projects for HBO Max.

If you’re ready for the concluding chapter in Search Party’s head-spinning odyssey, then you won’t want to miss out when season five unveils its final ten episode journey on HBO Max on Friday, January 7. Get those rabbit ears tuned for the big day and tell ‘em Vents sent you!

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