Montana’s Christian Baker Doesn’t Want Your Company to Grow to Its Death

Let’s say that you’ve found a product you really love. Everything about the product is great and makes your life better. You don’t know what you did before having the products or how you were able to get along in life, but now that you have the product, things are on the upswing.

The company that sells the product seems competent enough. You’re in constant communication with them and try to make sure that they’re giving you what they promised, and staying on top of things. So far, the process has been great.

Except one day, you notice the company starts to slow down in their customer service response time. They’re not delivering the same quality of service they had before. There are more delays, more confusion, more difficulties staying in touch. You wonder if there may be something wrong.

You come to find out that the company had their product, the product you love, featured on a major news publication. Suddenly, sales went through the roof, and the company couldn’t keep up. You hop on social media and see that the CEO of the company is gushing over how well sales have been going for the company, and you couldn’t care less. All you know is that the product you loved has now taken a nosedive because you can’t get anyone on the phone any more. You start to look for competitors, and it doesn’t take you long to find one. Pretty soon, you cancel your subscription, wash your hands of the company, and have switched over to a new competitor, who does a much better job of treating you the way you need to be treated as a customer.

This scenario happens far too often, and it’s exactly why Montana native Christian Baker is in the business of not just helping companies market, but helping companies grow in a healthy way. 

A great company doesn’t grow to its death by being unable to scale. A large part of what Christian and Vexillum do is help companies solve their key infrastructure needs so that they’ll have the right process in place to take care of their existing customers while they market themselves to acquire new ones.

Christian Baker has been building powerful process and  for a variety of companies for years, and helped one company after another build a sales organization that builds a powerful backbone to their products. Christian and Vexillum are invested in creating for their clients: a top-to-bottom strategic support system for helping companies be healthy and robust at every part of a company’s anatomy, so that when they’re truly equipped and ready for market, they’re equipped to serve customers at scale. As a Founding Partner of Vexillum Group, Christian has led high revenue growth, profit achievement and talent development for many clients. He carries more than 15 years of experience in business development and executive leadership, Christian has grown his client’s portfolios to over $2 billion in sales and acquisitions across diversified industries and companies. Christian has an incredible ability to see what businesses need in order to grow, and he helps guide the right steps for a leader to get there. 

Christian is seasoned in building dynamic sales teams and corporate structures. Combining his expertise with the direct sources and resources on the Vexillum team has built a robust platform.

His experience, strategic eye in seeing the opportunities and gaps that others miss combined with his ability to quickly close holes leads to profit acceleration and cost reductions.  He’s a strategic operator, powerful communicator and authentic leader with unwavering drive and vision for an impactful future.

“We are the marketing and sales arm for funded, operational companies that have not taken advantage of all the marketing opportunities out there. Most $2-10M companies have built sales from internal processes, once you bring in a focused & experienced marketing team to optimize online efforts, the sales growth skyrockets.”

“Two of our projects alone are infrastructure products to not only enhance their industry but help revolutionize them.  It’s too soon to talk about but in the next year, we will see technological changes worldwide in the media, entertainment and financial industries.”

Outside of work, his passions are with his family and friends, including his wife of over 20 years, their children and grandchildren. 

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