Sincere Engineer Blesses Us With ‘Bless My Psyche’

Apparently I had been listening to the Sincere Engineer song “Trust Me” for quite some time. In fact, I had it in my head the day that I listened to the band’s new album Bless My Psyche for the first time. Then, to my surprise, the album opened with “Trust Me.” I had a feeling like it had been on a previous album or on an EP or something. It turns out that it was released as a single in 2020, so to be fair I did have months to listen to it, and indeed I listened to it quite a bit. Also, I have no complaints about hearing it again. It’s a great song, and a fine way to kick off an album.

Bless My Pysche is straightforward indie rock in the best sense. It’s 11 songs and 30 minutes, without a dud in the bunch. The singer has a raw voice which one might call gravelly. You might not want her singing some beautiful pop song, but the energy of Sincere Engineer is perfect for her. There aren’t a lot of bands that have this specific sound, and she’s the primary reason for that.

Lyrics wise…it seems like maybe she’s in love with somebody? It feels like every song featured her declaring her love, to a degree where it really stuck out to me. Of course, love is a common song in music. It’s not like Sincere Engineer has anything new to say, or have found a particularly fresh way of saying it. Not that I have any real qualms with the lyrics. They are perfectly solid, especially when combined with the energy of the music and the vocals.

“Trust Me” is probably going to end up in my most-played songs of 2021. Bless My Psyche is going to add to my listens, because this is an album that is definitely worth a few spins. I really enjoyed it, and really found it grabbing me. It will end up as one of my top albums of the year, from the opener I’ve already heard a couple dozen times through the final song.

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