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Things to do after a Ridesharing Accident

Ridesharing service is a blessing for the people who do not own a vehicle of their own. Services like Uber are the most convenient ways for people to get from one place to another. The number of ridesharing accidents is increasing day by day. Facing an accident with a ridesharing vehicle either as a driver or a passenger is equally frightening. Today, we will discuss what you can do after a ridesharing accident in short.

At first, medical treatment is a must after uber accidents. It is essential to call emergency services as soon as possible after an accident. If you are late to call for medical help, it may have severe consequences to the injured people. Apart from treatment, medical professionals will provide documentation on the nature of each individual’s injuries. This document will be helpful if you want to sue the ridesharing company later.

Secondly, you can take notes of the accident as it happened. The aftershock of an accident can traumatize you, and you may forget small details of the accident. So, it is better to collect photos of the incident and write down the details as much as you can remember on your phone. Besides, you can also get testimony from eyewitnesses (if any) and note their contact details.

It does not matter whether you are the driver or the passenger; you must call the police as well. Contacting the police is essential as they will also write up their report on the accident for official purposes. Later, you can use that documentation in court for any further legal proceedings.

Now, the primary stage is completed, and it is time to contact a rideshare accident attorney to discuss details. A ridesharing accident attorney will guide you to understand and determine your coverage rights in the accident-related personal injury. Depending on your case, you can get fair compensation for the damages you faced. On the contrary, you can also file a rideshare accident claim if your attorney tells you so.

Now, let us see some types of ridesharing accidents that occur most of the time. The insurance coverage of a ridesharing accident depends on the nature of the accident.

Ridesharing insurance coverage is provided for both the passenger and the driver as soon as the driver has accepted any ride request via the app. Both the party can enjoy this coverage until the end of the trip. The insurance plan covers up to 1 million USD underinsured or uninsured motor vehicle bodily injury coverage and 1 million third-party liability coverage for damages done to the passenger and driver.

On the other hand, the insurance plan is different when the accident happen while logged into the app without a passenger. Here, the driver can be eligible for $100,000 in bodily injury per accident, $50,000 in bodily injury per person, and $25,000 for property damages. This insurance coverage is offered as third-party liability for damages not covered by your personal auto insurance.

Finally, these are the things you can do after a ridesharing accident. If you are eligible to file a claim, do not hesitate to do so; the result will be in your favor in most cases.

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