For Honor advanced gameplay tips

For Honor has been rated as one of the most mechanically sophisticated games of recent times. This is why a lot of beginners and even advanced players look forward to different gameplay tips.

Given that a lot of action and combat is involved in the game, you will have to need to be familiar with different tips for this purpose. From getting to know For Honor Tier List to going through various tutorials, here are some of the advanced gameplay tips that you must know.

  1. Start with bot matches

It is always recommendable to begin with bot matches in the beginning. This will help you set the tone of the game and get a hang of it. You can play either in Free Mode or in AI mode. Your own game can be set up as well with your choice of map and the difficulty of the bots. Before running online, it is a good idea to know the game with the bots. In this regard, please note that AI bots are not as easy as it sounds.

  • Start with Raider, Warden and Kensai

Raider, Warden and Kensai should be the starting heroes of the game. It is highly recommended that you start with Warden. Level it up to scale 5 before you move onto other heroes. This is because Warden is the easiest hero in terms of technicalities. It is simpler to get a hang of this hero and you will be able to understand the modalities of the game.

  • Mini map is important

Even the biggest players undermine the importance of mini map. You need to have a look at the bottom right of the screen. It is the best way in which you can avoid getting attacked from the back. It will provide you with different in range information. Neglecting mini map can be a big mistake, especially, if you are playing on a professional level. Thus, make sure you take it seriously.

  • Combo variation

You are not supposed to only spam the light attacks. There is a lot more than that. Variation of the combos in the game is basically what it is premised on. Mix and match the attacks. There are different mind games as well that you can play. Do not be afraid or hesitant of playing such mind games. Dodge, attack and defend with different variations and try to experiment as much as you can. This is how you will learn.

  • Stamina management

No matter how big of a player you are, stamina management is important. Dodging is one of the activities which have the biggest impact on stamina. Do not dodge when it is not necessary to do so. When you are short on stamina, regain it and only thereafter you should reengage. Managing stamina can help you in multiple ways. Thus, when you are new to this game, make sure that stamina management should be the skill which is your utmost priority

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