Real Estate Expert Simon Leviev Shares 5 Tips to Help Aspiring Agents Build a Stellar Career

People have the potential to thrive. They have the ability to make stalwarts out of themselves. All it takes is a dream that keeps you awake and the will to make that dream come true. 29-year-old Simon Leviev, a millionaire of repute, has played the high stakes in the world of real estate for years. His deep understanding of the domain and a deep-rooted desire to stay ahead of the curve has made him an international-level expert as a real estate advisor. With a Netflix biopic underway and luxury cars parked in the garage, Leviev’s word is his weight in gold when it comes to real estate. Some envy him; others look up to him. In this article, he shares five tips to help aspiring agents build a stellar career.

Be honest with yourself

Leviev suggests, “Before you decide to enter this industry, ask yourself – why, where, and when. The degree of honesty you apply to find the answers will determine your ability to stay afloat when things go awry.” Chaos is a part of life and every business, so it’s essential “to be equipped with the mental strength when deals fall through, or payments get delayed or when promises and friendships turn sour.”

Find a mentor

For Leviev, a mentor is someone who finds “the good seed in you and then nourishes it like their own. To find someone willing to do that for you will require research and persistence and, most importantly, results.” Leviev mentors several young aspirants and finds that most of them are eager to copy the mentors instead of finding their unique voice and style through them. In the end, he says, “such an approach only makes you a poorer and cheaper copy of the real deal. So, learn, make mistakes, raise questions, get out there, and find what you are made of and what you can bring to the global business table.”

Love the sites

Leviev encourages youngsters to “spend time understanding the property you are selling or hope to sell. Look at it as a customer. What would they want? How can they find joy in what you are trying to sell them? Keep it real, and you’ll find customers who appreciate the effort you put in.”

Make connections

Networking is the name of the game. The real estate world, he says, “is a competitive community, but a community nonetheless. Your networks and your relationship with them can either pull the rug from under your feet or place it just when you needed it the most. So choose wisely.”

Plan for the future

Planning is an essential part of success. And for Leviev, “planning for the future is the key to make the most out of your business. Develop an eye for trends and changes, and you’ll be able to see patterns to work into your strategies.”

Success is a tempestuous creature. It’s hard to come by and harder to maintain. But as people like Simon Leviev have shown, it can be sustained with a keen and sharp mind.

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