Starz Wrestling Drama “Heels” Wins a Second Season

Any No Holds Barred fans out there? Nowadays, not many fans of film and/or wrestling remember this Hulk Hogan vehicle about a fellow named Rip (Hogan), a well-oiled master of the mat that must do battle with his arch-nemesis Zeus (Kurt Fuller) in the wrestling ring. It’s a cheesy high-note – or low-note, depending on your specific mileage – to the late 1980s WWF and movie-going in general. In fact, ye olde scribbler of words has been known to indulge in a nice bottle (or two) of Sauvignon Blanc while pulling a triple feature of No Holds Barred, Cool As Ice and Dream a Little Dream. My overall point here is that No Holds Barred got produced because wrestling during that time, in almost every time, was huge. What self-respecting fan of the Junkyard Dog or Macho Man Randy Savage doesn’t dig on the ridiculous theatrics as grown men beat the proverbial stuffing out of one another?

 But there’s a drama to the behind-the-scenes of the world of televised professional wrestling. Don’t believe me, Dear and Constant Reader? Check out Darren Aronofsky’s gut-wrenching film The Wrestler as Key Evidence #1. In fact, in a roundabout sort of fashion, the success of that 2008 film may have in some way inspired the freshman wrestling drama Heels which our spandex, Hacksaw Jim Duggan fans over at The Hollywood Reporter have revealed to us today has just gotten the referee call of a second season order from their Starz benefactors.

 Heels is about two professional wrestlers on the scripted television side of the sport (no Olympic goings-on here, ladies and gents) who also happen to be brothers. And extra-added caveat: The two bros are in an active feud with one another over their late father’s wrestling promotion, making for some really interesting battles both in and out of the ring.

 Starz has decided to give Heels a second round in the form of a season two, according to word ‘round the pop culture campfire. This news comes mere weeks after the conclusion of the show’s first season.

 “It’s clear from the critical and fan acclaim that the stories and characters from the Duffy Wrestling League have made a connection with audiences bringing a community that is not often found to premium TV,” intoned Starz Big Wheel (and president) Jeffrey Hirsch. “I’m excited for our amazing cast and executive producers to get back into the ring together for a second season.”

Heels is set to head into second season production sometime in 2022 with a release date not yet confirmed as of press time.

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