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Do Celebrities Really Buy Instagram Followers in the UK?

Celebrities seem to have it all. Fame, fortune, and Instagram followers, but have those followers been purchased?

In recent years, some pretty big A-list names have apparently been buying followers on Instagram from the UK. According to a periodical in Harper’s Bizzare, some of the world’s most famous celebrity Instagram accounts were found to have large percentages of fake followers.

The information reportedly came from a list compiled by The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, and it made some pretty big accusations. One being that nearly half (49%) of all Ellen DeGeneres’s followers were not real people and definitely not active Instagram users.. Other celebrities on the list included Taylor Swift, Kourtney Kardashian, the K-pop band BTS, and Ariana Grande, all reportedly having 46% fake followers.

But why would celebrities buy Instagram followers from the UK?

Now I know what you are thinking. Why do celebrities buy Instagram followers in the UK if they are already famous?

And although it might not appear to make any sense at the surface, if you dig a little deeper, the answer is there.

Even celebrities in the United Kingdom have competitors, especially on social media platforms, or should I say, especially celebrities have competitors. It can be brutal at the top and in order to keep their place in the spotlight, celebs often do more than we realize. And purchasing Instagram followers would give them that edge that they might need to get ahead of their competitors.

Really, that’s why most people are buying Instagram followers, to get ahead of the pack. In a society that values social reputation above almost everything else, the number of followers you have can act as a kind of “social proof” that your social life is impressive.

But vanity aside, many people buy followers in England for reasons besides self-image or holding their place in the limelight after they’ve made it big. Another main reason people purchase Instagram followers is to create a better brand image for their company and to grow their online presence. Purchasing fake followers with fake accounts is also a popular type of social media marketing that can help you grow your follower count quickly on your Instagram profile.

Why are regular people buying Instagram followers in the UK?

Pretty much every kind of business you decide to open up these days will be rife with competition. Many markets in the United Kingdom are so saturated for some small business owners, that they have literally no other option but to invest in buying a larger following on social media networks and hope to reach their target audience. All things of value require some investment, as they say.

Otherwise, the odds of someone taking notice of their account, services, or products would be pretty slim, and organic growth can be especially slow. And no one in today’s world can afford to have slower than necessary growth. In order for little businesses to be able to compete with big businesses, the little guys oftentimes need to invest in making themselves appear larger than they actually are.

Instagram engagement matters

The purchase of followers for your Instagram account in the UK can actually be very beneficial if your goal is to make a name for yourself. But getting more followers are not the only thing you should be focusing on. Engagement matters too. Engagement is a term used to describe the interaction between your genuine followers and your content. Things like wordy comments, likes, and story shares, all make a huge impact when you’re trying to grow your Instagram followers.

Many celebrities know this, so not only do they buy Instagram followers, but they also are sure to reply to comments and engage with their fans frequently. This is the secret to ultra growth. A nice balance of purchasing Instagram followers and keeping up with real engagement just might be the secret sauce to Instagram fame. But if you are trying to grow your Instagram presence, maybe take a look at Ellen DeGeneres, and learn from her mistakes.

If you do choose to buy followers, you should be sure to have at least 60 percent of your followers as organic accounts. This way you can use the benefits that purchasing fans can give you, while also keeping things real and authentic.

Final thoughts

Yes, it appears that celebs in the UK are buying Instagram followers, just like every other one of us “normal” people. And they may be on to something. If done right, purchasing Instagram followers can be beneficial. But it should be the only thing you focus on when building up your Instagram presence, brand, or small business London or anywhere else in the United Kingdom. Just remember to keep it real, at least 60% real.

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