A Professional’s Guide to Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets

It doesn’t seem very easy, but it is actually relatively easy to refinish kitchen cabinets. Here are some tips.

If you’re unfamiliar with the wood refinishing process, you may find it difficult to choose between refinishing and replacing kitchen cabinets. It feels complicated and intimidating to refinish kitchen cabinets, but replacing them seems easier: A contractor is hired to tear out the old cabinets and install new ones.

Even if it isn’t understood as well, the refinishing process is just as clear-cut. If you’re looking to transform the look of your kitchen, refinishing your Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing can make a dramatic difference! Like changing the backsplash, color scheme, or paint color of the kitchen cabinets, refinishing kitchen cabinets can cost you less than replacing the cabinets. N-Hance Wood Refinishing, which specializes in refinishing cabinets, floors, plus other residential services, gave Real Simple the inside scoop on cabinet refinishing by talking to Dave Murphy, the company’s national technical director.

Murphy explains that this is not like how Grandpa used to refinish cabinets, where they had to be disassembled and sanded to bare wood. We won’t have to bother you with that.

A refinishing project can be completed in as little as a week, often within three to five days, says Murphy-it all depends on how much work the crew has to do. Moreover, the kitchen does not need to be torn down, nor does the room need to be completely decluttered. It’s not necessary to leave home while work is being done, and residents can access the refrigerator and snacks while work is being done, though most crews are requesting that you don’t cook. The place will be transformed entirely after a few days.

Even though the house isn’t new, it looks brand new when you walk in,” Murphy says.

It’s a surprisingly easy process.

In addition to removing contaminants, grease, and grime, we will lightly sand the cabinets’ surfaces. Our UV [ultraviolet] finish is meant to last for years and years.” “Then we give you a new color on the cabinets and protect them.”

The cost of refinishing kitchen cabinets can be half that of replacing them, according to Murphy. In addition to the cost savings, you can buy new appliances and even replace the countertops with the money you saved on refinishing the cabinets.

There are some issues that refinishing cabinets cannot resolve, but it is less expensive and quicker than replacing them. It is usually better to replace cabinets with water damage, split doors, and other structural issues. Cabinets that have excess grease buildup may also be better off being replaced since the grease residue can cause the material to deteriorate.

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