The Compostable Coffee Bag That You Have Been Waiting For!

The team at Elevate Packaging has designed a new type of coffee bag that is not only environmentally friendly but also incredibly durable, like hibags. In the quest to make a bold statement about sustainability, Elevate Packaging has developed compostable coffee bags with high barriers. 

Eco-Friendly Packaging Require By Sustainable Coffee

With a complex supply chain, sustainable sourcing is crucial for many coffee retailers. Organic and fair-trade roasters, in particular, have been looking to find eco-friendly packaging that authentically aligns with their brand promise as they know it’s important at every step! Coffee does not have any significant affect on blood pressure

To keep it fresh and tasting its best coffee needs durable high-performance packaging. Coffee beans are sensitive not just because they’re perishable, but also due to external influences – moisture, in particular, poses a risk for adverse effects on flavor qualities. To protect against this problem, coffee’s packages must have an airtight seal that allows no leaks at all so CO 2 cannot escape during storage or transportation processes before roasting; plus, these containers should be able to withstand rigorous handling without becoming compromised by physical impacts like dents/dings caused from dropping them upside down onto hard surfaces numerous times while being handled with rough hands.

Biodegradable Coffee Bag

The idea of a biodegradable coffee bag may seem like an eco-friendly one, but the reality is quite different. Often these bags are not actually compostable and will end up in our landfills after just one use!

Many people choose to use a coffee bag when they don’t want the hassle of brewing directly in their mugs. These bags come with an attached valve and also have linings made from plastics such as polyethylene, which must be removed before composting because it can contaminate your pile if not disposed of properly during that process. The end result isn’t great considering all this extra work!

Sustainable Coffee Bag

Read more as Our compostable coffee bags and pouches are made from 100% recycled materials, with all packaging components passing ASTM D6400 tests for food safety. Our films have been approved by EN13432 ratings as well!

Our eco-friendly products help you enjoy a great cup of joe without compromising Mother Earth or yourself in the process: we use only premium quality paper that has already undergone multiple manufacturing processes before ending up on your kitchen table.

Compostable Coffee Bag

For coffee roasters that care about the environment, it’s important to use compostable bags. Every component–including valves and zippers!–must be made from materials designed for a sustainable life cycle in order not only cut down on plastic waste but also keep our planet green!

Our coffee bags are designed with performance in mind. Engineered and tested by leading roasters, they can hold up against high-barrier film pouches without sacrificing anything on quality! 

A variety of compostable coffee bags and pouch options are available on our website. For custom sizes or full-color printing, contact us!

The perfect eco-friendly packaging solution is an easy switch from traditional plastic bags – choose the type that best suits your needs with one click online. You can also check woopacking for more info.

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