What To Binge This Weekend: ‘Teen Titans Go!’

So I go to the site I use to see what is streaming where. It’s my first stop before I make my recommendations. Films and television are listed based on popularity, so the things at the top of the list are the ones being watched by the most people. The movies near the top were expected ones. A lot of newer releases like Free Guy, or movies related to new releases like the Halloween from a couple years ago, the one that paved the way for Halloween Kills.

Then, in the top 10, I saw Beetlejuice. Now, it makes sense to a degree. It’s a horror comedy, and this is the Halloween season. Still, it was notable to me that Beetlejuice was in the top 10, as opposed to any other classic Halloween-adjacent movie. Then, I checked to see where Beetlejuice was streaming. This is when I was really surprised. The movie isn’t streaming anywhere! You have to rent it or buy it to watch it. That means, as a rental, Beetlejuice was up in the top 10. People are really wanting to watch it.

Anyway, the site was having all sorts of glitchy, buggy problems, so my recommendation isn’t something I looked up, but something I saw recently. Teen Titans Go! is now available on HBO Max.

When I first got HBO Max, which has Adult Swim and Cartoon Network shows, the absence of Teen Titans Go! was notable. It is, to me, the best Cartoon Network show. Yes, the comedic take on the Teen Titans can be sophomoric. It’s airing in a time slot for kids to be able to see it, and it is a Y7 show. This wide net it casts does sometimes lead to a cheesy or lame joke I roll my eyes at. Mostly, though, it’s legitimately a really funny show.

Teen Titans Go! is propulsive and absurd. It has as much in common with the Police Squad! as it does your typical superhero fare. It’s also clear they consider their adult audience, as there are a ton of references to ‘80s and ‘90s pop culture. One episode had Cyborg doing a one-man version of Perfect Strangers. They weren’t doing that for the kids.

While it’s entirely a goofy show, Teen Titans Go! is truly funny, and it’s kinetic as well. Each episode is only about 11 minutes long, though there are a ton of them at this point. As the show goes on, it gets more and more meta. There is little continuity, so feel free to pick and choose episodes. I do recommend the five-episode run where the Titans are stranded on a deserted island, though. It includes a riff on Gilligan’s Island. Like I said, this is a show that cares about its adult audience.

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