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Latest Interview with Marion Van Cuyck

1. Your first big break came on the show PEN15 playing a middle schooler named Terra Newback. Tell us about this character. 

Terra is that mystery person that befriends everyone but isn’t really close to anyone.

She is that person though that everyone later wonders about it. 

 2. Next you played another middle schooler ironically named “Marion” in Nickelodeon’s show Drama Club. How was this character similar to you? How was she different?

Well, we have the same name and both play an instrument and are involved with drama club. However I play drums outside of school and I am on stage as actor instead of in the orchestra pit. It was also my first time ever picking up and playing a tuba. 

 3. You have worked with some pretty amazing actors. What have they taught you about acting?

I’ve worked with some super funny talented people. I’ve learned to put in the time and effort and always be improving and creating. 

 4. What is it you most like about being an actor?

You get to be in another person’s shoes and see how the world would treat you. You get to see their thoughts, feelings, and the results of their actions.  It’s kind of like playing the SIMs. 

  5. What’s the biggest hurdle have you ever faced in your life?

Middle school in real-life plus COVID 

  6. You are also a drummer. Why did you choose to play the drums? Who is your musical inspiration?       

I was always drumming on stuff in class and asked my parents for lessons. Currently LoveJoy is my inspiration. 

  7. Do you have any future projects you can talk about?

Yes, you can see me in part 2 of Season 2 of Pen15 when it comes out. 

  8. Where can people connect with you? 

Check out my Instagram

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