Selling a property, particularly a house can be a hectic exercise. But then how can you sell your house faster and more efficiently? That will depend on factors like what is the location of your house?  What is the selling price of your house and lastly the preferred payment mode and plan for your potential buyers? If you’ve been looking for the best and effective way to sell your house quickly with a good profit, then you should not be worried because this article will keenly guide you on the best ways to sell your house faster. You also have an option of selling your home without a realtor (FSBO) using platforms like mansiondeal.com a which connects you directly to potential buyers online.

1.Find the best Real Estate Agent in your area

How do you find the best real estate agent in your area? Simple. If you are selling your house in Nairobi, you just search online like “best real estate agents in Nairobi” with this you will find a number of real estate agents in your area but then how will you sample out these companies so as to find the top seller? First, make sure you look for a registered Nairobi a real estate agent ,ensure that you look for a long serving agent that has created a good and strong selling point in your area. With these specifications, you will get a real estate agent that will not only sell your house quickly but also give you a good profit for your house.

2. Consider selling your house to  a wholesaler

A greater percentage of real estate agent transactions in Kenya are done using cash. You might be wondering why but this is simply because buyers prefer using cash to pay because there are no banks involved, the seller will tap a good profit since there will be more buyers. Putting your house to a wholesale will not be enough to sell quickly because you will be required to stage and advertise it either in your website or other social media platforms including Facebook and LinkedIn  where you indicate  “selling a house in cash” followed by the location of your house and its specifications. This will eventually maximize profits and minimize the time taken to sell your house because you will have the buyers looking for you.

3.Consider fixing where needs to be fixed

Time and money will be needed to make necessary repairs in your house to give it a nice and appealing look to attract the best and quality buyers. Most buyers are so picky. Areas like the kitchen and bathrooms need to look more appealing and attractive to ensure that the buyer is attracted and satisfied by its look. This will also involve focusing on a curb appeal whereby your house should have a porch look in the front door to get the attention of the buyers because as a matter of fact first impression of a property in real estate is critical.by doing so your house will sell faster with a good profit.

4. Set your price right

Knowing the market price of your house will help you pick the best-selling price. To sell your house faster, make sure you set your price at least slightly above the appraisal value but a bit lower compared to similar houses on sale in your area. This will optimize on potential buyers because of your lower price which will then create a room for negotiation to ensure that you get your profit as well as having a fair deal with the buyer.

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