How a new construction window is is different than a retrofit window

When you opt-in for a new window, there’s a chance of getting 85% on your ROI. It’s one of the ideal ways in which you can enhance your home’s comfort and value. Do you want to improve your home look and reduce the monthly energy bills? If yes, windows are an ideal place to start.

By now, you must be aware of retrofit windows and new construction windows. These are the two standard processes of getting a new window installed in your house. And both these processes are categorically different from one another.

The new construction windows

And the aspect that sets these apart is the work that is required. Generally, it points at the replacement windows which the licensed contractors install. These windows replace the old windows along with the old window frames. Typically, the outside siding gets cut, and then a new window frame gets installed. Is your home made of stucco, stone, or brick? If yes, you might have to remove a few to install the new windows.

The retrofit windows

When you retrofit a window, you need to replace the glass. Here the window frame within the stucco remains, and an energy-efficient window and glass get installed. The method is retrofitting, as you opt for a new window and put it inside an old frame. You can complete this process without paint, drywall, or stucco damage.

It is a smart choice for people who want to retain the window frame. There might be some cases where you might have to repair the frame, resulting in a few challenges if it doesn’t plumb the wall. To know more about it, you can check out Dallas retrofit windows.

The benefits of retrofit windows

The process of retrofitting the window is easy and fast. If no substantial repairs are necessary on the window frame, this process will add to your savings. It also saves the window frame. For instance, staying in an old home is an excellent method to retain your home value and aesthetics.

Also, when you have a retrofit window, there is no need to repair any damage to the home exterior. The window size and placement don’t change as well. If there are any original materials, it needs to get replaced or reconditioned.

The advantages for your house

Regardless of any path you choose, it will enhance the look and value of the house. Even though the frame can remain the same, a retrofit window will appear appealing. And if you shift from a single pane to double pane windows, you will save both energy and money.

On the other when you get your windows repaired and replaced, it will also benefit your house. The critical question is your requirement and want. Both the processes are viable. However, if you want to add to your savings, opting in for a retrofit window is a wise choice. On the other hand, if you wish to give your home a new look, constructing a new window might seem a sensible choice. In both processes, you also need to consider your location and other legal requirements.

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