Accessories you should have for PC gaming

They’re the kind of features that PC gamers have been buying extremely expensive graphics cards for for years, but now packed into one console. There are also facilities for 3D audio, with Sony claiming to have developed its own engine for ambient sound, a way to draw you more into the game. In games that support that, sound should come from every direction, so you can hear exactly where the zombies are coming from, for example.

To take full advantage of this, it is best to use headphones. Sony sells a specially developed wireless Pulse 3D headset for this. We also got a reasonable result with a set of wired earphones that we plugged into the audio port of the controller. Our regular Bluetooth headset was not supported by the PS5.

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Extra’s in accessories

One notable feature of the PS5 is Remote Play. It has been possible for some time to stream your PS4 to, for example, your laptop or your mobile phone via a special app. Remote Play is now standard in the PS5 and allows you to link another PS5 or your old PS4 to the new console.

This way you will completely stream that console to your PS5. Unless you’re really, really lazy, we don’t see the point in that right away. If you’re a bit like us, those devices are just next to each other, and even if you have one, fully connected, in the attic, you can still run most PS4 games on PS5. But for those few cases where it is necessary, that is a possibility, although we must immediately say that the quality of the image here depends enormously on the speed of your network. On the WiFi network in our living room, the link itself often dropped.

PlayStation may be ‘for the players’, but a modern console can do more than just play games. Just like the previous edition, the device is equipped with all kinds of media apps. You can make it your Netflix, YouTube and Spotify hub, if you want. The system where you download apps to run on your console is similar to that of the PS4, although the apps were not yet available in our test period. Those who want to use their PS5 as a media center can also buy a special remote control and an HD camera for gamers who, for example, want to stream themselves.

In addition to those new gadgets, you could also use your old accessories. The PS5 supports the aforementioned Dualshock 4 Controller, albeit only for PS4 games. You don’t have to throw out your virtual reality hardware just yet. The PSVR devices are nicely supported, presumably also for your PS4 games. We don’t see any specific VR games coming out for the new console at the moment, and if that happens, a new headset will probably also be involved.

Big names in the Online Game sector

Ideally, the technology is already integrated during game development. This means that Gameye is already sitting around the table with game studios in the early stages. Thanks to two very successful investment rounds, Online Games also has the necessary financial strength to continue and with partners such as Microsoft and Tencent, Gameye managed to convince big names in the game industry of this technology and the approach in a short time. The first games with technology have been launched this year too, with more to follow in 2021. 


This console brings the PlayStation back to a higher level of graphics and even close to the above standard of somewhat affordable hardware. We were also particularly charmed by the improved controller and the smoother interface, slightly less by the very noisy Blu-ray player and the very striking design of the device itself.

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