Interview: Eliyanah Opens-Up About Her Love For Nostalgic Vibes & New Single “My Love”

Eliyanah releases a new interesting track titled “My Love.” The tunes are calming and her vocals fire it up with an extra level of spine-chilling demeanor.

This is her second release and the artist is making big waves. Read on to learn more about Eliyanah.

“My Love” is a real hit! Can you tell us what drove you to drop this track?

Ah, thank you! It’s funny because this song actually started off very slow and more intimate and turned into more of a pop track that you want to dance to. But yeah, I wanted to drop this track because I think it’s something we can all relate to. That relationship that didn’t work out and sometimes you wonder if it could have or maybe what that person is up to since you’ve been together. I think it’s a cool vibe that’s kinda sad but happy at the same time. 

Who would you like to collaborate with on your upcoming songs?

I would looove to collaborate with Honne, they’re a really cool band that is making big waves in music here in the UK and their music is just so fun. I reckon they would also be a great laugh in the studio! But yeah, collaborating with them would be super awesome.

Name a few of your best influences?

Best musical influences would probably be Lennon Stella, Japanese House, Honne and I always loved Bob Dylan and The Beatles when I was growing up. I just loved their songwriting, super talented people. 

What drove you into music?

Umm, I’ve always grown up around music. My dad was in a band and had a home studio and so he was always playing and writing and inspiring me. My dad heard me singing one day around the house when I was like seven and he got SO excited and started encouraging me to sing all these Eva Cassidy songs in his studio as he loved her so much! So yeah I would say my dad played a big part and he then encouraged me to start singing in church so it all just started hitting off from there really.

What kind of singer would you classify yourself as?

I find these questions so hard! I would say I am mainly described as an indie pop and pop musician I think but I think. But like lyrically, a lot of my songs have a sadness or a slight heaviness to them even if they are upbeat, which I guess I am just drawn to when I write.

How is the second track different from the first one?

The second track is definitely more of a pop vibe and more upbeat than Love Burned Out, even though if you listen to the lyrics it’s all a reflection of a past relationship and wondering whether it could have worked out or not. So yeah, I guess it’s still got that nostalgic vibe but it’s more of a song you want to dance to that Love Burned Out is.

What’s next for Eliyanah? 

Oooo so many exciting new songs coming which I am just super excited for you all to hear. So yeah, lots of writing and creating and working on an upcoming album. Then the next thing in my brain is live music which I just can’t wait for!

Thank You!

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