Internet Marketing News: What Summer Brought

We have collected information about the most relevant events of the summer of 2021 from the world of Internet marketing.

  1. Google, Facebook and Twitter may leave Hong Kong

After the Hong Kong authorities decided to amend the law on the protection of user data, namely – to make it a crime to exchange information online, representatives of Google, Facebook and Twitter made a statement.

Internet giants are concerned that the planned rules to combat doxing (searching and publishing personal or confidential information about a person without his consent – ed.) Could subject company employees to prosecution.

The best option if the amendments are adopted is to refrain from working in Hong Kong, writes The Wall Street Journal.

  1. IPhone owners can delete the last 15 minutes from their search history

Google for iOS has a new feature to quickly delete the last 15 minutes of your search history.

Android smartphone owners will be able to take advantage of the new feature later this year.

  1. You can block users in Google Drive

Google announced the possibility of blocking users in Google Drive.

Blocking will prevent accounts from opening even those files that the user has previously shared with them. Files received from a locked account will also be erased. Blocking will also prevent unwanted accounts from interacting with the user on other Google services, such as Hangouts and Chat.

  1. Google and Facebook just got richer

MarketWatch has published a study of the advertising market. The rise in online ad sales has boosted the value of stocks in companies such as Alphabet, Google, Facebook, and Snap (Snapchat).

Snap showed the biggest growth at 24%. Alphabet and Google climbed 3.6%, while Facebook climbed 5.3%.

Experts write that over the past year, shares of companies that receive income from online advertising have shown steady growth: Snap shares rose in price by 250%, Twitter – by 83%, Alphabet – by 73%, Facebook – by 57%.

  1. Internet users want to control how ads are displayed

Users spoke about their attitude towards advertising. From research by Magna and the Brave browser, it became clear that:

79% of respondents would prefer to control ad blocking;

73% would prefer to block it completely;

72% said online advertising that was delivered separately from online content would be as preferable as no advertising at all;

67% feel overwhelmed by ads

70% think ad tracking is terrible.

  1. YouTube will add achievement icons for channel creators

They will be displayed in YouTube Studio. The icons look like emoji and will be awarded for achievements at different levels:

  • number of views,
  • total viewing time,
  • number of subscribers.

The option will start testing in the coming months.

  1. Instagram launched Security Checkup

This feature will help you recover your account if it has been hacked. The update will allow you to check your account login history, profile information, verify accounts, and update contact information to restore your account.

  1. What is known about HalloApp

in the application, you can communicate and exchange content with those with whom you personally know;

HalloApp has no ads, brands or celebrities;

They plan to monetize the application through a paid subscription for additional options;

you need to register by phone. You can invite users via WhatsApp or SMS.

  1. Snapchat profiles get a new look

Now snap chatters will be able to see their 3D images on their profile and in friends’ profiles.

Snap chatters will now be able to see their 3D images on their profile and friends’ profiles

The app provides a new way for users to express themselves and to enhance the details of their customized avatar – from clothing textures and unique jewelry from favorite fashion brands to sparkle on earrings.

  1. TikTok has increased the duration of videos

The decision to increase the maximum length of videos to three minutes may make TikTok even more competitive for YouTube, which has launched the YouTube Shorts app due to the rapid growth of the Chinese platform.

  1. YouTube Shorts is already available in East Europe

YouTube announced the launch of the beta version of YouTube Shorts in East Europe. This tool allows you to capture vivid short videos on your smartphone and share them immediately.

To create a YouTube Shorts video on your mobile device, you need to sign in to YouTube, click the plus sign at the bottom of the screen, and then Create Short Video.

  1. Clubhouse will refuse invitations

Six months after the launch, Clubhouse refused invitations to users. The creators of the app removed the waiting list system so that anyone can join.

Clubhouse also announced the creation of a new website and logo.

  1. Instagram Stories drafts are now available to everyone

When trying to exit the story editor, the user will see a message. In it, Instagram will offer to delete the content, save it as a draft and return to editing later, or cancel the action and continue now.

Drafts are deleted seven days after they were saved, so you won’t be able to return to them after a week.

  1. Twitter accepts bitcoins

Bitcoin is now one of three key trends for the future of Twitter, along with artificial intelligence and decentralization. The latter is adhered to by the social network thanks to its Bluesky initiative.

It is known that Twitter will not be a lone network in the implementation of the crypto strategy: for example, Facebook supports the digital currency Diem.

By the way, Twitter decided to abandon the Fleets format, an analogue of Instagram Stories, because almost no one uses them anyway.

  1. Advertising in Reels

Now all Facebook advertisers fromEast Europe can place Reels ads, but Reels themselves have not yet brought them there. Therefore, we are waiting!

  1. Facebook Events and Conversion Changes

With the arrival of the new version of iOS, there has also been a decrease in the amount of available data that a social network can collect. The first steps towards adaptation have already been taken and now new ones have appeared:

  • You can update the main event for a campaign without stopping or restarting the entire campaign after each change.
  • Added predictive conversions in a 7-day attribution window.
  • Event options will be expanded.
  1. Push posts to TikTok

The new advertising functionality of the social network will allow the use of already published articles for advertising. New and so diverse functionality has even been given a separate name – Spark Ads. Who knows, maybe it will also be supplemented in the same direction.

  1. TikTok on horseback

No, this is not the name of a cool video, although the social network is full of such. We are also confident that this social network will stay with us for a long time, because now the number of downloads of the application has passed the 3 billion mark.

In addition, the social network does not forget to develop business areas that will help it stay afloat and earn money. The latest news on the platform was the introduction of a job search tool “Resume”. It will help job seekers create resumes right in the application, and employers find employees.

  1. Improved Instagram stats

Finally it happened! Now on Instagram you can see detailed statistics for a free period of time for the last two months. Previously, the social network limited the viewing of statistics to a standard set of time intervals, which made it almost unusable.

In the future, they promise to increase the maximum data tracking period. You can increase your fans with buying Instagram followers at online-service.

  1. Machines VS Facebook marketers

Facebook now has a Campaign Idea Generator ready to take over content creation and idea generation!

Facebook marketers should be starting to get a little nervous now that the new “Ready to Go Ads” feature is already capable of generating images and text for ads, and the Organic Post package contains post ideas to keep a business page active. Therefore, working with a social network is becoming more accessible and automated.

Now the functionality has only three languages ​​and several categories: “e-commerce”, “retail” and “consumer goods”.

  1. TikTok VS Instagram

TikTok launches 7 new options for conducting live broadcasts at once:

  • Keyword filters.
  • Additional confirmation of sending a questionable comment.
  • Picture-in-picture.
  • Joint live broadcasts.
  • Questions and answers live.
  • The appearance of live broadcasts in the recommendations.
  • Ability to add broadcast moderators.

Instagram, in turn, increased the length of Reels to 60 seconds. In our opinion, the winner of this confrontation is obvious!

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