A blooming music career: DaphoDILL continues to grow as an artist

26-year-old Indie artist Shannon Dill from Hattiesburg, Mississippi is a music prodigy whose life revolved around music. She started out as a poet and authoring books until she was ready to take it to the next level. Eventually, words and sentences started to come alive with tunes that she carefully put together. 

With Dill being her last name, she took up the artist name DaphoDILL that signifies new beginnings. Daffodils are the first flower to bloom during the spring and she always thought about having a faith the size of a mustard seed. This, when withered and weathered by the storm, grows thorns and blossoms into something so beautiful in the essence and what can’t be seen by the naked eye. Inside DaphoDILL, this is releasing and realizing her inner passion. Setting her poetry in motion and telling life stories through melody, DaphoDILL’s music gift is ready to be enjoyed by everybody.

Her musical Inspiration

DaphoDILL has not only been inspired by a few or even just one, but by numerous musicians from different genres and times. If there could be a name she will mention, that is Missy Elliot who has been a great inspiration in her life. Watching her as DaphoDILL grows, she thought that it could be the version of her that she wanted to be in the future. The way she took her music and made it her own, and didn’t go with the society classed narrative of what music was back then made it classy. It was dynamically simple, but multidimensional. Her music was like a paradox within a paradox. 

Another would be Nicki Minaj and Erykah Badu. Watching these ladies is like seeing herself making music stylishly and upfront. But, there is also one name that DaphoDILL won’t ever forget over a thousand, Juice WRLD. He is the artist who dealt with depression and anxiety and put his pain in his songs. This inspired DaphoDILL to cry out the same suffering to her lyrics. Just like Juice WRLD, music became an escape for her. Thus, she poured out her heart and soul in making every word and line a masterpiece.

Blooming from the inside

DaphoDILL wanted be the one who went out and accomplished it as recognized by her fans. Every single goal and every single endeavor, she wanted her fans to know that anyone can do anything their mind ought to as long as they focus. She also wishes for her fans to realize that plans without actions will always fail when they never tried and there’s no harm in trying. This is the process of learning to become even better than you were before. 

“Let that bullshit walk, and don’t burn all of your bridges. Be kind and be nice because you never know who is going to be the person that helps you in the end.”

She has released a few new singles which are All Facts ft. ZAYTOVEN, Black Shades and Blue Colors, G.A.B. HIGH, and 2 more that will be dropping soon that will all lead up to her debut album this October. Listening to some of these songs, you can clearly hear the music prowess and finesse of DaphoDILL. Her music is fun, dynamic, and multidimensional making her such a versatile artist. She has masterfully combined beats with rhythm and rap and put it into a package that leaves you wanting for more. Currently, she is working on a new album entitled Anomalous that will be dropped really soon.

DaphoDILL’s music can be likened to a blooming flower. Its beauty is a product of a solid foundation and natural support from her environment. And only those whose eyes are open can see the beauty she brings. Learn more about her life and career by checking out her Instagram, Tiktok, Spotify, SoundCloud and Audiomack.

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