Rupert Everett Biopic “Lost and Found in Paris” Comes Together with the Casting of John Malkovich, Kristen Scott Thomas and Kit Clarke

Most moviegoers and television connoisseurs today recognize Rupert Everett as the charming and accomplished character actor from such films as My Best Friend’s Wedding (where he completely stole the show), The Next Best Thing, Shrek II, Black Mirror and Boston Legal. But the truth is that this steadfast thespian who has been gracing cinema and TV screens since 1982 is also a well-regarded director, writer and producer. His 2018 writing-directing gig The Happy Prince more than proved that this 62 year old Brit has still waters that run deep, indeed. With the success of that project, Everett has announced his intentions to once more pick up an Underwood and bang out a new script, according to our Hush-Hush sources over at The Hollywood Reporter. And brace yourselves, campers: This new project is going to be a very personal one for the star.

Lost and Found in Paris is Everett’s autobiographical look at his wayward teen years which he spent tripping the light fantastic in a 1970s Parisian landscape where drugs were more than plentiful and disco ruled the airwaves. The Ready to Wear star will mark this film as his sophomore directing gig and has announced some prominent actors will be joining him for the ride.

Breaking out their respective bellbottoms and dusty Donna Summer LPs will be rising star Kit Clarke of Leonardo fame who will be tackling the cinematic teenage version of Rupert Everett. Along for the ride are two Oscar nominated actors who really need no introduction, Kristen Scott Thomas (The English Patient, Four Weddings and a Funeral) and John Malkovich (Dangerous Liaisons, Of Mice and Men). And just to add a little bit of surrealism to the mix, Everett himself will have a supporting part in the film.

 In a press release touting Lost and Found in Paris, Everett said that the film is “about the rollercoaster of life, the exuberance and glamour of youth, seen through the lens of a life well lived. I went to Paris on an exchange trip in 1977. I was supposed to learn French. Instead I discovered fashion, disco, drugs, rent boys and finally – right at the edge of the abyss – myself.”

Lost and Found in Paris is set to go into production in the Spring of 2022, with a release date still to be determined. That won’t stop Vents, of course, from providing all of you True Believers with any and all updates as soon as we get ‘em! Keep those peepers peeled to these pages for all of your entertainment needs!

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