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About Playing Online Casino in Bangladesh

The wave of online betting that has taken the world by storm has also engulfed Bangladesh. Owing to this, more and more people in Bangladesh are joining online casino. While this is the case, it’s important for all players to bear in mind that online gambling in Bangladesh when it comes to legality still stands in a grey area. This is necessitated by the fact that there are some forms of online gambling that have been legalised while others are prohibited.

The Public Gambling Act of 1897 is the legal framework that currently guides online gambling in Bangladesh. This piece of legislation was promulgated in India but found its way to Bangladesh during the time when Bangladesh was under Pakistan’s rule. When the country attained its independence, Bangladesh kept most of its colonial laws including the Public Gambling Act.

According to the Public Gambling Act, only the lottery and horse racing are permitted when it comes to gambling activities. The piece of legislation also states that any other form of gambling on any physical premises is prohibited. As the law stresses the emphasis on ‘physical premises’, a grey area is left when it comes to the legality of online gambling. Online casinos and betting sites have thus exploited this loophole and now offer online gambling services.

The loophole that’s being exploited by online casinos and betting sites has also enabled some unscrupulous operators to enter the Bangladesh market. Owing to this, this article aims at providing insight to all Bangladesh players on how they can easily distinguish the most trusted online betting site Bangladesh over the unscrupulous ones.

How to Choose an Online Casino?

When it comes to choosing the most trusted casino in Bangladesh to settle at, players need to pay extreme caution. This is necessitated by the fact that amongst the dozens of betting sites that are available online, some are simply fraud sites looking to reap off unsuspecting punters. As such, not to fall prey to such fraud betting sites, players need to check a few indicators that determine the authenticity and legitimacy of an online casino. These key indicators are as follows:

Licensed Casino

The very first thing that players need to check is the licensing info of the online casino. In plain simple terms, if an online casino is not licensed, then it automatically means players must keep away from that site. Any real and legitimate online gambling site will ensure that it attains an operating license before it starts its operations. Also, on this front, players need to check out if the casino is not using an expired license. The best way of checking the licensing info of any online casino is to scroll down on the site homepage to the footer tab and check out the details there. Often, online casinos showcase their licensing info on the footer tab. Apart from just checking the licensing info, it’s also important to check the reputation of the licensing body.

Review of Casino Site

Sometimes, the best way to know the ‘good’ or the ‘bad’ about any casino is to check the feedback. Their experiences with the product will help you to gain a better insight of the product. This also applies when it comes to Bangladesh online casinos. Players looking to settle at the most trusted online betting sites will need to check out top betting site in Bangladesh. Go through the reviews of other past players at the different casinos and get to see the sites that get rave reviews and those that receive bad reviews. Armed with this info, players will know exactly the betting sites to settle at and those to avoid. On this front, it’s advisable to read many reviews before making a decision. This necessitated by the fact that some people may write negative reviews out of spite for their bad luck during their gaming sessions while the site itself is actually safe.

Variety of Casino Games Provided

The casino games that are found at online casinos in most instances aren’t designed by the casinos themselves. Rather, they come from various software developers. When it comes to software developers, many of them tend to value their reputation much such that they only associate themselves with legit and trusted online casinos. Owing to this, players ought to note that the more software developers a casino partners with, the higher the probability of its authenticity. More so, the nature and reputation of software developers the casino partners with tell a story about the casino’s authenticity.


There are many fraudsters that now make a living from doing online scams. Players at all times, therefore, need to be aware of this and they need to be vigilant to protect themselves online. One way of doing this is to settle at safe and secure online casino in Dhaka. Safe and secure online casinos are those that use the industry-standard SSL bit encryption technology. One way of denoting if a casino uses this security technology is to check its URL. If the URL starts with ‘HTTPS’, then that means the site is safe. The ‘S’ in the HTTPS stands for SECURITY.

Bonuses and Promotions

Another indicators that can be used in distinguishing trusted betting sites from the rogue ones is the bonus and promotional perks offered. The perks offered need to be ‘believable’. When we say believable, we aren’t necessarily saying they need to be less impressive or on the low side, no. rather, they should not be associated with the phrase ‘too good to be true. For as long as the bonus and promotional perks are believable, then there isn’t much of a problem. However, if the bonuses and promotions appear to be too lucrative, then that will just be a plot to entice and hoodwink unsuspecting players who oftentimes will go on to lose their hard-earned money. As the saying goes, if something is too good to be true, then certainly it’s not true or genuine at all.


Online gambling is gaining traction at an exponential rate in Bangladesh. This isn’t a bad thing at all as online gambling is both a great recreational activity and an income-generating activity if done right. While this is the case, it’s important that players at all times remain vigilant when they engage in online gambling as some betting sites that are present online are just rogue sites. To distinguish the genuine and trusted sites from the rogue ones, there are certain parameters that the sites need to satisfy. These parameters have been exposed and explored in this article hence players are armed with the requisite info and knowledge about discovering the trusted online betting sites in Bangladesh.

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