5 Reasons to Visit Our Dental Clinic in Sharjah

If you do not know the reasons to go to the dentist, here are some compelling reasons so that you do not leave it anymore and go to get checked.

A routine visit can diagnose many diseases early, which can seriously affect your oral and general health, and which do not have to be causing discomfort or pain.

Although there are plenty of reasons to go to dental clinic, most people overlook going to the dentist at least once a year, with the aim of preventing certain diseases. Also, it is common to only go when emergencies arise, such as a tooth loss.

However, the ideal is to have the respective visit to the dentist on the annual agenda. In this way, our dental clinic in Sharjah will solve any dental problem in time, no matter how simple it may seem. In addition to this, these are some of the advantages of going to a dental clinic:

1. Take care of your gums for good general health

Dentists, cardiologists, gynecologists, endocrinologists and family doctors, among other specialists, insist on the relationship of gum health with general health.

And it is that periodontal diseases, beyond affecting oral health, are associated with cardiovascular diseases, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases, diabetes or premature birth.

Among the risk factors for gum disease, diabetes, excessive alcohol consumption or smoking stand out, which can triple it. The stress or hormonal changes that occur in pregnancy or menopause, the history relatives, HIV or have the low defenses, are also factors that can cause periodontal disease. 

2. Protect your baby, control the state of your mouth 

Control of oral diseases in pregnant women is necessary. Periodontal disease leads to complications during pregnancy, which can lead to premature delivery. In addition, achieving the reduction of bacteria in saliva avoids the transmission of bacteriological agents from the mother to the newborn.

For their part, babies must be seen, before their first birthday, by the dentist, who will inform parents of the measures to be taken to prevent tooth decay and other oral diseases.

3. Oral health influences children’s development 

It is essential to take care of the mouth of children and adolescents, and that they visit the dentist at least once a year, even if we believe that they do not have cavities. 

In addition, a first orthodontic check-up at the age of 6 and no later than 7, during the growing age, can also help correct and guide the development of the child’s maxilla and mandible, and substantially improve their quality of life , avoid self – esteem problems and even possible surgery in adulthood.

Regular visits to the dentist will also help the child to become familiar with the dental consultation and to lose the fear of the dentist that some adults suffer from.

4. With menopause, your smile gains importance

During this period of a woman’s life, estrogen levels (hormones with anti-inflammatory effect on the gums) are reduced. This produces alterations in the tissues of the mouth, less secretion and changes in the biochemical composition of saliva, as well as disorders in the oral flora.

5. The dentist can help you quit tobacco and if you smoke, he should watch your mouth

Your dentist can help you in your decision to quit smoking, detect the harmful effects of tobacco, and help you combat them. It is the healthcare professional who can best diagnose malignant and premalignant lesions of the oral cavity

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