How to manage a YouTube channel as a singer

As a singer, you need to have an audience and eventually, a fan following. But being a beginner, reaching an audience is a challenging task. In this digital era, the best way to showcase your talent and reach a large number of audience is through social media. YouTube is the largest video content platform and gives you an opportunity to create videos of your niche. But the question is what kind of content should you create and how to manage your channel?

Creating a YouTube channel is very overwhelming. Selecting a specific type of videos to create can be a daunting task and hence it’s always a better option to keep your niche wide. If you’re a singer and if you’re planning to start a YouTube channel, don’t restrict yourself to your original songs only. Create videos for song covers or maybe share your knowledge. Collaborate with fellow beginners in your niche so as to give your channel a wide scope and audience. Creating song covers is a great way to get noticed by the original singer(s) of the respective song. It would give you more exposure and recognition. Sharing the knowledge you have would help those who are just starting out and need some guidance. You can also post some informative videos. For example, if you’ve come across some great tutors or websites to learn singing online, you can share information about the same. If you’ve got a chance to visit a studio, ever, you can share a detailed vlog or your experience about the same.Creating a YouTube channel is tough but maintaining it is even more intimidating. Because you’re a one man army, you’re the lyricist, the musician, the producer, the camera person and most importantly, the singer. It’s very important to post videos regularly and to be consistent with your content. Maintain a YouTube journal. Plan your content – type of video, duration of video, your outfit, the location, the song, the kind of video you’re going to create and when are you going to post it. Think of some specific days and specific time for posting. Keep track of different festivals and events sing songs related to that. Even if you haven’t created a new song in a while, keep posting song covers. Eventually, if you start feeling that you are overburdened with the work, you can even hire a social media manager to do all the job of promoting and drawing audience towards your channel. The manager replies to your clients/labels and audience/fans which saves you a lot of time to focus on your song writing and singing. They obviously charge a fee but save your time and energy. It is a very professional way of handling social media and it makes your work hassle-free.


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