What Else Can You Do With USDT in Short Position?

In the turbulent cryptocurrency world, it’s not seldom to see bear market plunging. Imagine when it happens, you are just about to exchange mainstream currencies into USDT (stable coins) to cut the loss. Unfortunately, however, USTD price fell at this moment as well, and there’s no place to hide.

Is there a way out other than watching your assets depreciating? The answer is yes, by tading stocks with USDT.

Now, the channel between cryptocurrency and global stock market has been opened. After opening a stock account on W broker, USDT can not only be invested in cryptocurrency, but also deposited into the stock account, as well as being invested in HK/U.S./A-shares and their derivatives with only one click. As Asian Robinhood, W Broker has owned Type 1 securities brokerage trading license from the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) and a securities brokerage license from the New Zealand FSPR. Adhere to the the philosopy of “Safe & Simple” and standing by the side of users on commission-free basis, it has become the preferred brokerage for over 100,000 investors.

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