Valuable tips on how to organize storage in the bathroom furniture and storage accessories

A practical view of the geometry of the room will help to keep the bathroom tidy. Fill the space under the sink with a large cabinet. Place a narrow, compact pencil case in a corner. Replace your standard wall mirror with a wardrobe on the medicine cabinet with light for extra storage space in your bathroom.

If there is a gap between the bathroom and the wall, you can put a compact rack there. The shelves above the bathroom door will help organize the space and gain some more storage space rationally. On the walls, you can install rails with baskets for storing shampoos and other care products.

Take a closer look at the graceful vines and rattan baskets – they make it easy to organize the placement of everything you need. These distinctive accessories will add coziness to the interior and be an excellent option for storing towels, linen, and small items.

Owners of compact bathrooms can also pay attention to the following accessories.

How to store towels in the bathroom

Bathroom supply store New Bathroom Style helps you offer several unique style selections solutions for storing towels even in a small bathroom:

1. On the door. A popular method found in most homes. In order not to damage the door leaf with hooks, you can use a hanging hanger.

2. On open shelves. Smooth stacks of towels on available consoles look neat and stylish.

3. In baskets, wicker, and wooden boxes. A modern way to store towels in the bathroom. In addition, the baskets are comfortable and spacious. Towels can be rolled up and placed vertically.

4. On a ladder hanger. A trendy furnishing element will make the interior more enjoyable and functional. One has only to hang textiles on the crossbars – and now the bathroom resembles a picture from a fashion magazine.

5. In niches. In a room where this architectural detail is present, storing towels is often solved by itself. Depending on the size of the recess, shelves and drawers can be integrated into it, where everything you need can fit. They will look beautiful, not only towels but also jars of cosmetics, decorative items. Niches are best placed in the shower area or on the wall above the bathroom.

6. On the wall. A unique display does not take up much space and will help to solve the issue of organizing space in a small bathroom competently.

7. On rope holders. A Scandinavian, Mediterranean, and eclectic bathroom can be complemented with eye-catching accessories for storing towels.

8. In cupboards and drawers. This is a great way to hide towels from prying eyes.

9. In built-in wardrobes. Option for spacious bathrooms. A full-fledged cabinet can be built in the room for storing towels and bathrobes. 

How to store household chemicals in the bathroom

If you do not know where to store powder, household chemicals, and cosmetics in a small bathroom due to a lack of space, we suggest using the area directly under the bathroom. Create your storage systems or get ready-made ones. By closing them with a sliding screen, you will keep the visual cleanliness of the room, and you can easily reach the detergents during cleaning.

A bottle holder in the bathroom will help you to reliably hide containers of different sizes – a type of pull-out tray in which narrow and tall bottles are stored.

An excellent place to store chemistry is hanging mirror cabinets. They are roomy enough to hide jars and bottles from prying eyes. An additional bonus – in the cabinet doors, you can look like in an ordinary mirror.

The classic cabinet under the sink is also suitable for storing household chemicals. In addition, such furniture will hide pipes and communications.

Storage in the shower

In apartments where the size of the bathroom is as limited as possible, it is better to refuse to install a massive bath in favor of a shower cabin. You can pay attention to the built-in options with equipped storage areas for bathroom accessories.

An important aspect is the choice of a suitable interior style. For small rooms, minimalism is best suited – with clear lines and the absence of excessive decor.

Organization of the space of the combined bathroom

The area of the combined bathroom often exceeds the stock footage of a separate bathroom, which means that it is possible to implement more storage ideas. In addition to the classic set of a vanity unit, a wall cabinet, and a washing machine, there may be a place here, for example, for a full-fledged mini-laundry. Or at least for a folding ironing board.

A console or a small rack will act as an element of zoning the combined space. There you can store towels, toilet paper, decor, and cosmetics.

Regardless of the area of the premises, do not forget about the “hidden reserves.” These include, for example, the sidewalls of furniture, on which hooks or special organizers for storing combs, cosmetics, wet wipes, and other small things are suspended.

Getting rid of a lot of things

Often there are several dozen different jars and bottles in the bathroom and many other things, including towels, hairdryers, combs, cotton pads, and napkins. Here are some helpful design hacks:

1. Do not obstruct the sink. Leave insight only the essential items and bottles that match the interior in color and style. It is better to store the rest of the things in drawers or on shelves, using cosmetic bags, jars, and containers.

2. Do not dry things in plain sight. Even if the mini-laundry is located directly in the bathroom, make sure that things do not dry in plain sight. For example, arrange an extra bar behind the shower curtain. Or separate the area with a laundry partition.

3. Use storage accessories. For example, beautiful jars, boxes, small things, organizers for combs, rubber bands, and hairpins. You can make signatures on each of them to quickly find the things you need.

4. Get rid of labels. Shampoos, shower gels, lotions, and more can be poured into beautiful identical bottles.

5. Match bathroom accessories in the same style. Use beautiful dispensers, soap holders, toothbrush cups from the same collection.

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