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Bespoke kitchen design is an increasingly popular movement. Kitchen designers are developing installations that are increasingly tailored and unique as people strive to build more exquisite, personalized kitchens. New kitchen trends continue to emerge throughout 2021 as designers try to keep up with the never-ending demand for kitchen customizations. The kitchen design industry is constantly evolving, pushing the boundaries of what a kitchen can be.

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen, but we don’t always allow ourselves to take advantage of the space to its fullest extent. Why not combine ergonomic storage options and a beautiful design to create a luxurious environment?

Simpler colour palettes and more neutral tones have been popular throughout the past year, with trends such as ecologically responsible materials and pleasant neutrals increasing in popularity during 2021. We set out to analyse and inspire some of the kitchen designs that will dominate in the next year. As we look ahead to 2022, we’ve put together some of our favourite potential designs for the next year.

Our Top Trends for 2022

Invisible Appliances

Built-in fridges and counter-top hobs are already prominent features in many kitchens. They clean up the space and give it a sleek finish. However, what if these integrated appliances could go entirely unnoticed?

New design trends point to bespoke kitchen design that will not only hide equipment behind doors but conceal it into your overall décor. As innovation evolves, interior designers and appliance manufacturers are developing ways to make your kitchen seamless. Dishwashers housed in drawers and flush-mounted hobs are items already on the market to be implemented into these low-profile kitchen designs, who knows what technology might become apparent over the next year.

Overall, invisible appliances could allow for a contemporary, minimalist kitchen that provides lots of space for entertaining while retaining the efficiency and high-end appliances of any modern kitchen.

A marriage between vintage and modern.

If you love the feel of an old kitchen but with all the modern amenities, this kitchen design might be your look for 2022. Vintage kitchen elements are revived through new kitchen trends such as marble countertops and aged wood beams with kitchen islands engineered with rustic effects.

Kitchens old and new can both benefit from this transformation. Old-fashioned appliances may be used to give a classic appearance to a modern kitchen for extra charm. When combined with modern design, vintage appliances like SMEG’s 50s line, AGA cookers and shelves filled with hand-picked antiques will evoke a timeless vibe.

Alternatively, traditional kitchens can be updated with modern technology and beautiful equipment to create a contemporary look. Incorporating rustic wooden features with modern appliances and sleek kitchen cabinets will create a space that provides classic charm with an updated feel.

Kitchen Offices

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen workers across the globe take to their dining room tables, bedroom offices and garage desks to create a comfortable space for working from home. As the world shifts to its new normal, employees aren’t rushing back to the office. If you’ve got kitchen refurbishments in your sights for 2022, why not incorporate a functional working space into your kitchen design?

Kitchen office designs could be as simple as a worktop with electrical outlets and a seamless desk-like design. Or it can be as complex as creating an entire section of the room. A kitchen nook with a built-in work desk that is hidden behind kitchen cupboards to create an office cube-like environment. Take advantage of your own home and the relaxing atmosphere of a professional workstation. It’s the ideal method to make use of any underutilized space.

Brave Colour Contrasts

Warm neutrals have been the most popular in kitchen design trends for 2021, but trends in 2022 might make a shift and concentrate on incorporating bright colours into their designs.

Styles may vary, with designs as simple as a sharp white kitchen with pops of blue and green to create a fresh kitchen look. Alternatively, striking contrasting kitchen cabinets can turn your kitchen into a statement piece that is sure to grab the attention of anyone who enters your home.

Two tone kitchens may also become the style choice of the year. Two shades of a deep ocean blue or a khaki green could be used to emphasise kitchen cabinets and the surrounding area. Allow yourself to get creative and incorporate some of your favourite colours and shades into an adventurous bespoke kitchen design in 2022.

Smarter Appliances

As technology becomes more intelligent, so can your kitchen. Many standard kitchens now come equipped with high end appliances and technology. Smart speakers are an example of a prominent trend in recent years. They allow you to perform functions like control an integrated audio system or display a recipe. Why not take this one step further and incorporate smart control into more of your appliances and kitchen design?

New appliances can come equipped with modified voice controls and touchscreens that allow them to become part of your kitchen décor rather than just something that sits in a corner taking up space. Connect your kitchen appliances together through an app on your phone or tablet so you can take control from anywhere in the house.

How Do I Get Started?

With all these fresh and exciting ideas, you can start to construct your own kitchen trend for 2022. Specialist bespoke kitchen interior designers can help you design something you love and have it professionally built and installed.

Spaces Design, based in Cardiff, South Wales, allow you to create inspiring designs that you never thought were possible. Utilise your kitchen space to a whole new level and create a home that is elegant, beautiful, and designed with your ideas in mind.

2022 is guaranteed to bring a whole new collection of trends to kitchen design. With Spaces Design, you can create a contemporary space that is as on trend or off-the-radar as you like.

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