Seeking Protection From Domestic Abuse in Pennsylvania.

If you are currently a victim of domestic violence in Pennsylvania, then that can be stopped now. Whether or not it is happening with you or someone else, you can seek protection from Pennsylvania from abuse defense lawyers. 

Domestic abuse is serious and it should never be taken lightly. Whether it’s physical or mental abuse, always know your rights. 

What is domestic abuse?

Domestic abuse comes in various forms. People assume that domestic abuse is fighting that happens between two people in a relationship. But that is not the case. 

Any abuse that takes place which involves someone from the victim’s domestic circle is called domestic abuse. It can be your current or ex-partner, your family, relatives, friends, family friends. 

Abuse does not come in physical form only. It can happen physically, mentally, emotionally, and sexually. 

How can you protect yourself?

Domestic abuse is as actual as it gets. Most people don’t give this problem much importance. But every year, thousands of victims die of abuse from their close people. So, we must start talking about it and take the necessary steps. 

In Pennsylvania, you can protect yourself from abuse by requesting a Protection From Abuse order or PFA. The court order prohibits the abuser from contacting the victim, be it at home, school, or outside. 

Since it is a court order, the abuser is strictly required to comply with it. If not, they face consequences which may include jail. 

If you’re a parent and want to seek protection for your minor kid from specific people, you can obtain a PFA order on behalf of your child. 

How can I obtain a PFA?

Here’s how you can get a PFA.

  1. Go to a local courthouse and the form. In the form, you will be required to tell them what kind of abuse you’re facing and what protections you are seeking.
  2. A judge reviews your case and sets a date for a hearing. Until then, you may or may not be granted a temporary PFA. This temporary PFA lasts till the last date of hearing. 
  3. At the hearings, you will need to have an attorney represent you and fight your case. 
  4. The judge makes a decision. 

You have the right to represent yourself in court, although we do not recommend it. To make sure you win the case and obtain the PFA, skilled professionals with years of experience from the Law Lento Firm will help you get the justice you deserve. 

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