Tips For Moving During COVID

Before Moving Day:

– Sending Money

If you are going to need to send money to your property lawyer, you’ll want to ensure that your bank doesn’t impose any limit for online transfers. By arranging everything beforehand, you can keep yourself from having to go through the hassle of going to your bank.

– Stay Alert

When you are looking to send money, keep an eye out for scammers. They will be looking for any sign that you will be sending money. Because of this, try to avoid posting anything about your move on social media. This is especially true while moving during COVID-19. Be suspicious if you receive any kind of communication suggesting that your lawyer has swapped bank accounts.

– Pack Safely

One of the things you need to do is ensure that everything is packed well. You want to ask the moving company that you hired what kind of packing materials they will be using. If they are using high-quality materials, everything should be perfectly safe. You also want to ask that they itemize anything properly including the packing materials.

– Clean Your Stuff

If you are going to be moving stuff from your home, try to clean it beforehand. That way, you can keep everything disinfected which keeps all parties safe throughout the moving process.

– Pack Stuff Yourself

You will find that during COVID-19, you will be required to pack most things. Professional packing is only available for breakable items. This way, you can stay safe and so can the movers.

– Coordinate With Everyone

When you are looking to make a move, you want to coordinate with everyone that is on the property. Ensure they have sufficient time to move out before the movers get there.

– Allow Time

Ideally, you want to try to allow for around 72 hours from someone moving out and having someone else moving in. This is much easier to do when you are renting.

– Pack Before The Move

You want to get everything packed before moving day. This can keep you from having to run around to pack everything while you should be focused on making the move.

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On Moving Day:

– Wear Facemask

One of the things you want to do is ensure that everyone at the property is wearing facemasks as per the Government’s guidelines. You want this to be done before the movers arrive to keep everyone protected.

– Clean Your Stuff

Wherever possible, try to clean your stuff before the movers get there.

– Leave The Property

When the movers arrive, try to give them space. Having more people in the home is only going to increase the risk of transmission. Stay outside or stay isolated in a room while they finish the job.

– Wipe Down Everything

Try to wipe down all of the common touch points like doorknobs, appliances, and more.

– Open Windows

Because the virus spreads in the air, you want to open all of the windows in the house. This will ensure there is sufficient ventilation to keep air circulating.

– Have The Crew Use One Bathroom

Designate a single bathroom that the moving crew can use. Stick to using the other bathroom if possible.

– Remove Pets

You’ll want to remove your pets and properly secure them in a kennel.

– Wash Hands

Continue to wash your hands regularly throughout the day. You can also opt to use hand sanitizer if that’s easier.

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