7 Unique Ways to Refresh Your Bathroom Looks with Tubs

Tubs can elevate the look of a bathroom from simple to sophisticated. Bathtubs come in different types, shapes, and forms. Each homeowner looks for different things when it comes to their tubs. Nonetheless, comfort, style, and size are some of the considerations to make before purchasing one.

Tubs are also made from different materials. Some of which include:

  • Cast iron– This material is heavy but durable. It’s coated in enamel, leaving it with a smooth, comfortable feel. The material is common in clawfoot bathtubs or freestanding models.
  • Acrylic– this is a flexible material that can be molded into different shapes. It’s one of the most choices for jetted tubs that need contouring.
  • Fiberglass– Fiberglass is one of the most inexpensive materials used to create bathtubs. Unfortunately, it’s prone to scratches. To make it last longer, use acrylic coating for fiberglass. 

The following article covers different types of tubs that will change the look of your bathroom through bathtub installation phoenix

Let’s dive in.

  1. Standard Alcove Tubs

Sometimes referred to as a three-wall alcove design, an alcove tub combines form and functionality. It’s one of the most basic, affordable, and convenient tubs that fit any standard bathroom. It comes in two categories, luxury, and a simple alcove tub. 

These tubs are about 30 inches wide, 60 inches long, and fourteen to sixteen inches high. The tub has only one finished side, as the other three sides have been attached to the alcove walls.

It’s the best for apartments, smaller homes, and tight spaces. Alcove tubs are easy to clean, decorate and maintain.

Also, It’s easy to remove an existing alcove tub and replace it with a new one.

  1. Corner Tubs

Corner tubs are the best choice for small spaces. They are also great fits for angled, straight, and spacious bathrooms. These tubs are shaped to fit into corners of three or five sides. They are available in different sizes and shapes.

The corner configuration has a  wall attachment, although it could be on one or two tubs rather than three in three like in alcove tubs. They come in different types, for instance, soaking corner tubs and whirlpool corner tubs. 

The corner tubs also encourage creativity, as it’s easy to decorate around them.

  1. Traditional Claw Foot Tubs

Clawfoot tubs bring a luxurious aura and functionality to any bathroom. They come in different designs and shades, with variations in their prices. They contain four feet that are shaped to resemble claws or balls. The beauty is undeniable as they offer this vintage aesthetic look.

Some contain flat and smooth tops, while others have a classic slipper profile. The tub has intricate clawed feet, a high wall, and sloping curves. They are comfortable for lounging. Also, they offer deep baths that you could offer the relaxation you need after a long tiresome day.

They are pretty affordable, easy to clean, and are accessible.

  1. Whirlpool Tub And Air Tubs

Whirlpools and air tubs come with jets that shoot air or water out of these placed jets. The shooting water from jets helps create a massage effect on the body during a bath. The massage feature will leave you feeling fresh and relaxed.

They are great for reducing aches and pain after a long day of different activities, including exercise and work. These tubs cost quite a lot. This is because they require various dedicated equipment for them to function fully.

Nonetheless, they provide a pleasurable bathing experience hence worth the cost.

  1. Walk-In Tubs

Walk-in tubs allow easy entry and exit. It’s one of the best options for the physically challenged and the senior individuals. They come with doors that open and close near the floor. Hence, one doesn’t need to lift or bend their legs when entering, thus great for individuals with leg problems.

Also, they contain interior rails and seats. Thus, one doesn’t have to sit all the way down to the floor like in standard tubs. These bathtubs offer comfort and safety.

Lastly, walk-in tubs have a  unique device at the door that acts as a seal. It contains the water and has a release button to allow the water to drain after use.

  1. Freestanding Tubs

Freestanding tubs have a striking visual appeal. They come in different designs, thus giving you an array of options to settle for. They are also flexible, hence great for enhancing bathroom designs. 

Freestanding tubs are breath-taking when placed towards the center of a room. They act as great focal points. Alternatively, you can place them close to the walls.

Many freestanding tubs come in white acrylics. But, there are other exquisite versions made from stainless steel and materials like marble and black granite. Also, they come in different shapes like squares, rectangles, oval,  and cylindrical.

For a glamorous look and contemporary design, add a chrome faucet or brushed metal on freestanding tubs.

  1. Japanese Style Tubs

Japanese-style tubs are amongst the most beautiful tubs that exist today. They are also known as Japanese Ofuro or soaking tubs.

They are available in different materials like inexpensive acrylics, stones, and handmade wooden versions. All the materials are modeled in ancient Japanese tradition. Soaking tubs are constructed in a manner that you can add water to the neck while sitting on built-in seats.

They have a freestanding design, gently sloping walls that give it a magnificent appeal. Japanese-style tubs are also great for small spaces.

Soaking tubs differ from western style tubs. Here, bathing isn’t done in the tub but rather in the shower. You enter the tub to soak and relax after showering. 

The Deep Water Bath is excellent for muscle comfort. To enhance the soothing experience, you can add fragrant herbs and traditional Japanese Hinoki cypress chips.

Final Thoughts

Tubs are excellent in accentuating your bathroom looks. They come in different styles, materials, sizes, and shapes. The bathtubs have different prices; hence it’s easy to get one that fits your budget.

Do your research before settling on any tub. Remember, there’s always a tub for everyone. Apart from the looks, always opt for tubs that will offer comfort and relaxation.

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