Why Social Media Engagement Is Important In Marketing

Marketing covers all the activities a company undertakes in order to promote the selling or buying of a service or product. Several things are involved in marketing and they include advertising, delivering products to customers or other businesses, and selling. Marketing is essential for every businessman that wants to grow their business. There are different marketing strategies available today and social media engagement is one of them. In today’s guide, we’ll be exposing the topic “why social media engagement is important in marketing.”

What is social media engagement?

Social media engagement covers a variety of actions which include likes, shares, mentions, comments, retweets, or any interaction a fan has with your social media content that shows they are interested in your content and may want to support the business. 

When it comes to social media engagement, having successful marketing depends on creating an omnichannel customer experience that cuts across various platforms and is capable of leveraging social media engagement as a means of reaching out to customers.

Now you know what social media engagement is all about, it still doesn’t address its importance in marketing right? In the next paragraph, I’ll be telling you about the importance of social media engagement in marketing. 

Why is social media engagement important in marketing?

In this era, social media has encroached every aspect of our lives and the business sector is not sparred. Why is that so? It’s simple because a lot of people use social media for different purposes and as such it has become a powerful platform and a way for businesses to easily reach out to audiences, entice and even engage them about their products, services, and brands.

Millions of individuals go through their social media accounts every day and if you are not capturing their attention then it’s been captured by another businessman. So what do I stand to gain from having a strong social media presence?

Statistics have shown that Facebook has roughly about 2.89 billion monthly active users in just the second quarter of 2021 alone. This figure is just for Facebook alone, there are other popular apps like Instagram, Twitter, etc., that have a lot of active members monthly. Social media engagement helps your business have a slice of that number too. It increases your brand awareness to millions of people all over the world in a short period.

Asides from gaining customers, social media can also help your business grow when you learn from the feedback given by customers that use your product or service. Responding to complaints will help improve your customer service.

When compared to traditional advertising, social media engagement is more cost-effective. For example, with traditional advertising, if you print a flier for 400,000 people or 4000, even though it cost the same amount to print each one, it’ll be more expensive to print 400,000 whereas you can run social media engagement campaigns on Instagram that’ll produce more publicity and views for your business even more than what fliers can ever produce and all that will be achieved for a one time cost. Although to have a good social media engagement on Instagram you’ll need to have a good number of followers. You can increase your followers by actively posting on Instagram or you can just go ahead and buy Instagram followers to start enjoying the benefits of social media engagement.

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