Want To Attract More Traffic In Your Store? These 5 Retail Signage Tips Will Help You

Are you looking forward to operating a successful retail business? If yes, you need to attract lots of customers and drive sales by getting your brand noticed. The whole process starts with retail store signage. 

For your retail business to run successfully, paying attention to retail store signage design is imperative. Quality signage is looked upon as an easy and effective strategy to drive foot traffic and communicate with your customers at large. A retail store signage design should also be done correctly, otherwise, it can cause a lot of confusion and overstimulation. 

Here are some actionable tips to help you drive more traffic to your store using retail store signage. 

Select the Right Colors 

For retail store signage to be a big hit, you need to select the right colors. Using light colors on a light-colored background often leads to readability issues, particularly during the daytime. Likewise, choosing dark colors on a dark-colored background makes it difficult for your customers to read the details properly. 

Avoid such combinations and go for the right selection of colors. We also suggest you avoid neon and rainbow color combinations on the signage. 

Focus on The Size 

The size of the signage is another important point that you cannot miss. Your customers should be able to read the retail signage without any difficulties. Hence, go for larger signs over smaller ones. According to a recent study, smaller signs have received a 75 percent decrease in response compared to larger ones. 

Choosing the right size of the signage is not difficult at all. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers, and you will be able to figure out the perfect fit for them. 

Choose Bigger Fonts 

What if the size of the signage is too big, but fonts too small? Apart from the size of the signage, you must also pay attention to the size of the fonts used in the signage. Using large fonts on the signages makes it easier for all your customers to read the details from afar. Even your potential customers know about your products when you use larger fonts on the outdoor signage. 

Minimalism is the New Cool 

Cluttering up the signage is a big no when you want to attract customers. Putting too many things on the signage creates confusion s, especially if you are installing it outside your store. 

Therefore, it is advised to keep everything simple and minimal. One of the best ways to highlight your outdoor signage is to use LED lights. LED signages to make it easier for the customers to comprehend small details about your store, such as the house of operations, special sales, products, etc. 

Know the Orientation 

Many retail store signages are best exhibited in a horizontal orientation, but sometimes even a skewed or vertical orientation may suit your store. Using a large-format paper mock-up, you can try different options to know which kind of orientation will help you the best. 

Cross-check with the Authorities

Before investing in the production of retail signage for your business, check with the local authorities. Many municipalities implement restrictions in terms of shape, size, height, location, color, and lighting. Checking with the local authorities will save you from paying for signage that you can not put up. 


Retail signages are silent, but the highest-selling salesperson of your retail store. They help all your customers navigate your shop without creating chaos. Like you set standards for your employees, it is equally essential to set standards when designing signages. The messaging, quality, color, and overall visibility of your signage need a certain amount of consideration.

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